Celebrity Accessory of the Week

I'm very intrigued by the hat tradition that they've got going on across the pond...mostly because my noggin is gi-normous. Hats don't EVER fit me well, so I have such an affection for these, as I like to call them, "side hats." Big-headed people rejoice! This style doesn't really go over the head...all it would take is mastering the perfectly styled tilt that could cover my equally-as-big forehead. Not really an option while living here though. I think people would expect me to speak with a much fancier accent if I sported this look while in the US of A. This gal is settling into her royal role very beautifully. Looking quite regal - and receiving my nod for celebrity look of the week.

"Side hat" Beatrice, covering a bit of the forehead....not the whole thing. I think someone could learn a thing or two from reading my blog :)