Sunday Sunshine: Fall is Fast Approaching!

Today's version of "Sunday Sunshine" will be a run-down of all of my recent purchases that are gearing me up for fall. Yes, FALL people. It is right around the corner, even if you're in denial. I too was in a state of denial, until I spent my day off last week at the mall. I am so wishing to hold on to every last stitch of summer, but fall is by far my favorite season for clothes. I've been perusing my September fashion magazines and blog-stalking fashionistas on the world-wide-web for seasonal inspiration, and it was time to put some of those ideas into my closet. Yay shopping! Below are my newly acquired treasures, with a little inspiration-sharing mixed in.

1. J Crew....aka, my mothership.

I swear, if someone could get into my head and see the dream styles I'd always wish to be sporting, they'd spit out J. Crew. Pretty much every window, catalog, display, and mannequin they come up with I use for inspiration. Now, I know better, but I went in anyway. And I am pretty proud to have only walked out with 3 things. 3 expensive things none-the-less, but I love them! First, this amazing orange was available in every piece imaginable, but I went with a simple tee. Easy to mix and match, will look awesome with my leopard print peep-toe flats, and will work well under my Apple blue :) I picked up the jeweled turtle pendant, because who doesn't love a bit of whimsy around the neck? And last but not least, this wool "city mini" in "bright dahlia." Probably will be rocking it with a cozy sweater, skinny belt, tights and boots.

2. Banana Republic....gotta love the clearance rack!

I swooped into the BR, and picked up this dress for about $35 after reading this post on "What I Wore." Amazing blog, serious style, and I'm inspired by her nearly everyday. This dress is a bit summer-y, but I'm thinking layered with a denim jacket, it will be perfect for those days that are near when our temperatures start to drop. I'll probably throw in a red accessory - I can't pass up the opportunity to be nautical :) Secondly, I found this pink blouse in the petites section for uber-cheap. I tend to find great deals in that part of the store, because apparently I'm the only one in Seattle with a short torso. Thinking about this with some dark navy skinny jeans.

3. Old Navy...sometimes a shopping trip is just about one piece!

After seeing this vest on 2 different blogs, both styled in a way I loved, it seemed like a piece I needed in my wardrobe. The first look would work for the remaining weeks of summer, plus she's sporting a skinny belt. A girl after my own heart. Check out "GS Lillian Daily" for more ideas. She's a bit eccentric, but has some fun ideas too. The second is a good transition idea for fall, as the vest is work over longer sleeves. And more mileage out of my leopard print shoes! Christine is a fashion editor in NYC (note the pigeon on the sidewalk) and her blog "My Style Pill" is a good read as well.

4. Nordstrom Sale anyone??

This year I was on a mission. I needed some grey knee-high boots. I've got a black pair and a brown pair, which I pretty much wear 8 months out of the year here in Seattle. Grey seemed like the next logical neutral, and I knew Nordy's could help a girl out. Grey suede, thick enough heel to be comfy at work, fun buckle detail, and how can you go wrong when the brand name is "Naughty Monkey?" Love the brand, and they always have funky shoes with fun details. Remember this pair?

5. if J. Crew wasn't enough?

J. Crew's sister store - ie. in the same company - is a little gem called Madewell. It is right next door to my Apple store, and due to the fact that I walk by it every day, I have developed such an affinity! Their clothes are slightly more urban/trendsetter vs. J. Crew's preppy/pretty, but I regularly find amazing pieces that, although are unique, I know I will have in my wardrobe for years. My first find was this gingham button-up shirt, so I could copy the below outfit idea (styled with a great olive cardigan and wide woven belt - cute!) I also purchased this sunny yellow cardigan, but I couldn't find a picture showing the best feature - elbow patches! Lace seems to be everywhere these days - and January Jones looked part-Betty in her black shirt - so I'm going to try and channel my inner-"Mad Men" with this tank option. And last but not least - an awesome statement necklace! It does look a little home-made, but let's be honest. I am not good at crafts, but I am good at shopping:)

6. Since we're talking about lace....Fancesca's!

How cute is this cardigan?? Looks awesome over pretty much any color. Score!

7. Who isn't inspired by 50% off the entire store?? Thanks Gap!

2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 sweaters, 3 tanks, 1 dress, and a blouse for about $200. Who needs an employee discount??

Can't believe I am saying this, but I'm excited for the weather to turn slightly more chilly. Slightly! Especially tomorrow, because I have no AC in my house, and I'm definitely going to work up a sweat cleaning out my closet :)


art lover said...

ohhh, I'm gonna miss my employee discount.. :(

but cute buys!