What I Wore: Cute but Conned

Last Friday night I had fantastic plans that were 6 months in the making. I was super excited to see Adele in concert, bought tickets online, and had an amazing dinner with a friend before the show. At the door, events unfolded as follows: Cute ticket-taker girl: "Um, I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, but these tickets aren't real." Me: "Excuse Me??" I said, my heart sinking into my stomach. Kudos to the Craigslist scammer who conned 45 of us into buying tickets to a long awaited sold out show. Note to self: Never. Again. I honestly could have cared less about the money we lost - but was SOOOO bummed not to hear her sing.

On a positive note, I did enjoy getting fancy for the evening. On a negative note, once home I was still reeling from my irritation, and brushed out my fancy do - throwing my hair into a top knot before I remembered to take a photo of my ensemble. So yeah, this is an on-purpose headless shot of me :)

I got this navy sundress from Francesca's at the beginning of the summer for $40. How cute is the all-over bird print? Love. It's got a great neckline, trimmed with some ruffles for extra fun. My lime green puff-sleeve cardigan is from Banana Republic about 2 years ago...an oldie but a goodie. I loved it so much I bought it in 2 colors. Do any of you ever do that? Do mulitples of the same item make it into you closet?

What else is new? I'm rocking a J. Crew skinny belt with this outfit. Hot pink patent leather? Yes please.

Is it random that I always take close-up shots of my shoes by sitting them on my desk? I never feel like I have a good shoe shot when I go to blog - so like always, I scrambled to my closet today and proceeded to complete a mini photo session. These gold gems came from Nordstrom Rack last summer. Typically Jessica Simpson shoes have a crazy high heel, or a ridiculously chunky wedge, but these were an exception, so they came home with me :)

And last but not least - this awesome flee market find! There is an outdoor market in Seattle every weekend during the summer, in an eclectic little neighborhood called Freemont. In the summer of 2009 I was introduced to the Freemont Market by my friend Summer - the same friend I was supposed to be attending the Adele show with. We found a booth called "Fun Junk" - where they were selling jewelry made from....well, junk! Typewritter keys, dog tags, old rulers, and as pictured above, vintage watch faces! Check out their website here: http://funjunkonline.com. Note: this is a legit place to purchase goods online....unlike my non-Adele tickets.


Debbie said...

Look how skinny your waist is!!