What I Wore: Style Inspired by a Necklace

Oops, I did it again. Perhaps this could be a new love in the making? Typically I live for long pendant styles, but when you come across something like this beauty - you can't pass it up :) Who knew short necklaces could be such outfit-makers?

Clearly my addiction to all things Francesca's is growing. I of course HAD to take my Mom there for some shopping while she was here last week, and this $24 treasure made it's way home with me. She's so pretty!

I purchased a dress (weird, I know) from American Eagle about a month ago, and was struggling with how to make it look pulled together. It's not sunny enough here to just throw on a sundress with sandals and hit the road - our weather still dictates the need for layers. And in my book, if you begin layering, you've committed to creating an outfit. Original plans for my new necklace were to pair it with a denim jacket over the white dress, keeping the clothes neutral and the focus on the super cool turquoise. Fail. The denim truly looked like a jacket, not a layer (is any of this making sense? 'cause it totally does in my head) so the navy cardigan was a last minute substitution.

Aaaahhhh yes, the orange Banana Republic bag. A few years ago, I remember thinking "Why would I spend this much on a bag that is such a bold color? Shouldn't I get a neutral that will last me longer?" Negative. Neutral isn't how I roll. I took a deep breath, handed over the $$, and haven't regretted one penny of it. Hey....at least it wasn't as much as the the Hermes Birkin I've coveted for years, right? They do look pretty similar though :) The bag was equally as cute in yellow, which is the only color I could find an image of on the world wide web today. I'm too lazy to go take a close up of my own, so you'll have to use your imagination. Last but not least, I tied a Coach ponytail scarf on the handle for fun, grabbed my neutral wedges, and the turquoise necklace officially had an outfit to call home!


laurie coleman photography said...

Love that dress! Super cute! I'd start blogging about my outfits, but I think people would get tired of me posting pictures of myself in pajama pants :). You look great! Hope you're doing good!