What I Wore on a Sunday in Spring!

I've got to get a better photography option for these posts, but for now I'm using this make-shift "iphone/floor length mirror" combo. Not the greatest shots, but you get the idea. This was my Sunday church ensemble last week, and although the Seattle sun isn't out regularly yet, I figured why not look like I'm dressing for spring rather than winter?

This dress is from a dangerous little place called "Madewell." Dangerous because I want one of eVeRyThiNg in the store each time I go in. Shouldn't be a surprise, because they're owned by J. Crew, aka, my mothership. It doesn't help that Madewell is next door to the Apple Store at University Village. It's inviting me in each time I'm on my break! I fell in love with the fabulous shade of green, and the shape was pretty suitable for moi - v neck, cinched waist, and pleated A-line skirt. Topped with my white denim jacket, which has become a MAJOR wardrobe staple....thanks Gap:)

These wedges I bought 100 years ago at, of all places, the Dress Barn. They are a great neutral shade of beige, go with everything, and are uber-comfortable.

And of course, accessories! We all know from previous posts that I LOVE a good skinny belt. This cork and gold version comes from a boutique called "Francesca's" - and their stuff could not be more affordable. Raise your hand if you love a good deal?

Shop here: http://www.francescascollections.com/

This little gem was purchased on a clearance rack at Banana Republic (are you guys sensing a trend in a jewelry buying location??) about 3 years ago. Bottom of a bin, $7.99, and the perfect delicate band of coral to wear when wishing summer would come soon. Last but not least, my trusty gold "dangly" (is that a word?) earrings. I will wear these ALL summer long - so guaratneed you'll see them in future posts. Hopefully in a better picture...yikes, that's a close up! They're from Banana too. Weird, I know.


Ryan and Alicia said...

First of all, you are darling! I love your style. Next, you totally speak my language. I buy all my jewelry at the Banana Republic outlet and we have Francesca's boutiques all over in Dallas. The selection is to-die-for inside the actual stores too!

Paige said...

You are to cute!!! I need you here to dress me! You are looking great! Hopefully we will talk soon!

Debbie said...

Cute outfit--as always. Your legs are looking super toned these days!