Late....but worth the wait!

Hello blog land! It has been quite some time, but I am, of course, back with a vengeance following an awards show :) I love a good Hollywood red carpet, and I also love forcing those in my presence to sit and watch with me. This year, we celebrated our Ward family Christmas in January at Matt and Amber's house in Arizona. I successfully roped the entire fam into watching 2 hours of Ryan Seacrest interviewing Golden Globe celebs , and provided my own commentary, which I'm sure they loved. Here is my full report on the good, the bad, and the ugly!

First, the not so great...

Scarlett. Only a profile-view can do this "Bride-of Frankenstein" look justice. Plus, how are we supposed to notice anything but your awful hair when you're wearing a matronly dress in a boring nude color??

Sandra. Cheer up please! actually may be cheery, but how could one tell with those curtain bangs in your face? My how quickly you've fallen - last year at the Oscars you were on my "best" list. This year, not so much.

Michelle. Picnic anyone?

J. Lo. Usually you are so fantastic. I can't quite deal with this shawl-type item that you borrowed from your grandmother. Plus, one of my biggest pet-peeves is eye shadow matched to an outfit, and not only are you matching - but you've done it with an annoyingly bold silver shadow. Double fail.

Christina. Woah. Toooooooo much. This would be one thousand times better minus that flower that has eaten your shoulder. Note to your stylist...simple! Shoot for simple please!

Julianne. For reals-ies? I have no words for that sleeve mishap. However, what distracts me even more are all those wrinkles in your lap! Yikes - bad fabric choice.

The "close, but no cigar" club...

Olivia. I don't think I even have to discuss what your one miss was. Such a bummer too - cause the rest is beautiful!

Natalie. I do have to give the girl props for taking regular fashion risks. I actually don't hate this, but I also don't love it. Pros: Highlighting the baby bump, the draping, and the pink/red contrast. Cons: Your lop-sided french twist, and the bag/lip/flower combo is too "matchy-matchy."

Lea. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You always have just ONE thing that isn't quite right. Your dress is full of ruffles and texture, which means your hair probably should't be. Contrast goes a long way, and I would have loved your hair in a sleek bun? Or perhaps a delicate pony? Either option would have allowed us to focus more on your gorgeous Oscar de la Renta :)

January. Excellent balance between minimal hair and a fancy dress (Lea, take note). However, I can not put you on the best dressed list for two very obvious reasons. On a side note, I was super proud of myself for identifying this as a Versace the minute she stepped out of the car!

Halle. I think she forgot where she was going?? The Golden Globes is a pretty formal awards show, and this dress felt much more suited for a premiere, or a bit more artistic and creative awards show like the Grammy's. But she's not on the worst dressed list because of that rockin' bod. I mean really....not fair! Can we be workout partners some time?

Emma. Here you are doing a great job of teaching us all how to get zero attention. Match your hair, to your skin, to your dress, to your bag. The only points saving you from the worst dressed list are those for the fit of your dress. However, the creativity of your look on a scale of 1-10? Negative 27.

Anne. Nothing horribly wrong with this, other than it looks like you stole it from the set of "Designing Women" - and the shoulder pads to go with it.

Angelina. Where are you going in this? 1984? Perhaps the "Designing Women" set with Anne? Only positive here is that we're seeing you in a COLOR for the first time in, well, history. Hence, you're not on the worst dressed list.

And the best!!!

Kyra. You get my vote for the most amazing color combination of the night. I LOVE the orange dress/turquoise jewelry combination! Plus, your simple hair and makeup compliment the volume of your dress and details of your jewels...nice balance!

Eva. Love it. Every bit of it! Perfect fit, good use of "bling" in the broach on your hip (so that the black isn't too boring), and I love the classic style of your hair and makeup!

Claire. Amazing! Beautiful color, tailoring, love the statement cuff, the low back was an interesting twist (although not super-visable in this pic)....the list goes on and on. You are quickly becoming my favorite red-carpet staple. Kudos!


liane said...

we pretty much have the same list!