A lot can happen in 6 weeks....

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Blog slacker, party of one. Time for an update because I've been lazy in a big way. You'll be reading the cliff note-ish version - because apparently I'm still a bit lazy :)

Early in the summer, you got to read about me bidding adieu to the Gap. Well, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I immediately felt so relaxed! My job had become way too high pressure, and was eating up so much of my time - and I didn't realize to what extent until I left. Perspective is a wonderful thing!

After a few weeks of R and R, I seized the opportunity to try something completely different and new. Most of you know by now that I went to school to get my real estate license! The real estate industry has always held a little spark of interest for me. The intricacies of the market, how to help people maximize their investment potential, and simply perusing homes for sale is so intriguing! I passed one of the hardest tests I've EVER taken on August 4th (I started school on July 5th, and set a personal goal of getting through it all in one month - I made it!) and haven't looked back.

Real Estate has been great. I have several clients who have entrusted their home search to me, I have been working hard on a marketing strategy, and I am making new contacts everyday. The best part? I am having so much fun! I can see a long and successful future for myself in this business.

About a month ago, I was having lunch with a friend and she asked, "Do you miss retail?" "No!" was my immediate and resounding answer. "I don't miss the mess, the fitting room go-backs, the unrealistic expectations....but you know what I do miss? Leading a team." Woah. That was the first time in 3 months that I realized something I won't get in my new career that I always loved about my old. Managing people towards one vision, recognizing their contributions, developing those that worked for me into their best....was I ever going to get that in the world of real estate?

Time for a brief back story. Shortly after leaving the Gap, I was contacted by a recruiter at Apple. I engaged in brief conversation with them regarding employment opportunities before I said "no thank you - I going into the world of real estate." I'd only been away from retail for about 4 or 5 days, and was not at all interested in jumping right back into the beast that I had recently broken free from.

Flash forward to the above mentioned conversation during my lunch date, and I was immediately reminded of the few things I was impressed by during my conversations with the Apple recruiter. "We value our people. They are the most important thing to us, and as a manager, leading and developing them is your first priority." Double woah. Was it time for me to think about how I could balance multiple jobs in order to gain satisfaction by utilizing numerous skill sets? I'm loving real estate, and I'm not giving up on that any time soon - but could I possibly find time in my life for Apple - and pursue numerous passions at once?

Well - long story short, I'm writing this blog post from a hotel room in Minneapolis MN - where I'm knee deep in the middle of 2 weeks of training to be a manager at the Apple store at University Village in Seattle. Hollar! From the above mentioned moment of reflection forward - things have been a constant whirlwind. I emailed the Apple recruiter, and 7 days and 5 interviews later I had a job offer! 6 days after that I was on an airplane to Minnesota.

All I can say to sum up is....I am so blessed! God's timing and provision in my life in the last 3 months has been astounding. I am so grateful for all of the prayers from my family and friends, and God has blessed me big time. I have 2 jobs - which yes - will keep me very busy, but I LOVE both of them. Work/life balance has never been one of my strong suits :) I honestly really enjoy working hard. My job has always been a big part of my identity - and I like it that way. When my work life it good, my whole life feels good....and my work life is GREAT right now. The excitement of real estate, the ability to help others achieve their dreams of home-ownership, working for a company that values leadership and developing teams, surrounded by people who love the Apple brand as much as I do....who could ask for more.

There you have it. My 3 month update in a nutshell. Time for me to sign off and go to bed. I need to be well rested for more training bright and early tomorrow. Plus I've got to save my brain power for really important things like.....how does one style a blue t-shirt to make it look cute?? Shoes and bags perhaps? Did I mention my training is happening at the Mall of America?


liane said...

Good times Lindsay! I'm sure Apple will be the best of both worlds for you. Plus, playing around and learning about first class technology? Who could ask for more?

Have fun with your training! I'm sure I'll see you around the U village when I come by

laurie coleman photography said...

That's awesome!! I'm so happy that things are working out so well for you . . . and as I think back, I think you were the first person that I knew that had a mac (besides the computer lab). Turquoise and white, is that right? Nestled in the corner of your Danbury room. Apple is lucky to have you!

Sarah said...

YEAH! I'm a big Apple fan! :) I will definitely have to come visit now. ;) (not to mention it's a little ridiculous that I've lived here for over a year and a half and still haven't seen you. We will have to have our own 2-person FOCUS reunion.) Glad things are going so well for you!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You'll be a great asset to Apple as you were to the Gap. Have fun starting a new career!

-Sarah D

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were at Apple. Great company, great vision.....have fun. I will come see you at the Village.