Who's got a new do??

Remember fall of 1995 when you and every other female ran to the salon and asked for this??

The "Rachel" - our mid 90's obsession with ridiculously crazy amounts of layers. Yikes. I had it, and don't lie, you totally did too.

Well - seems this girl still holds power over us by what she does with her locks. It was a gasp heard 'round the internet yesterday, when this picture surfaced of her new bob.

Pretty cute. Heck - I loved it when she did it the first time around.

Please! Who are we kidding? She's had us full of hair envy for years!

I wish I had enough energy these days to give myself a cute do....however, I've been following these directions.

Hey - Jen did it once and she looked fab.


Debbie said...

Can you learn how to do a messy do? :) Naturally messy looks awful on me.