Dude! Does everyone have their exit buddy???

So the next day we got up bright and early...for once. We booked a city tour with one of our taxi drivers from earlier in the week named Fancisco. He totally sold us on $20 a person to have him spend 6 hours with us, and take us to all the hot spots in one day. Perfect...let's condense this so we can get back to the beach:) Here are a few highlights:

Our first stop was at the highest elevation point in all of Acapulco, a place called "The Chapel of the Peace." It was a beautiful church, that is open to all denominations for any use. There were some of the most amazing landscapes and sculptures, and a pretty spectacular view of the bay.  Funny side note, Francisco pointed out the "Mexican Eagles" on top of the big cross statue that was there. I totally bought it - silly me...they were vultures:)  On the way up there, we passed Sylvester Stalone's house, as well as Michael Douglas', Stevie Wonder's, and Frank Sinatra's!  Apparently we aren't the only ones that think Acapulco is a great place for a va-ca.

We stopped at a silver factory for a little shopping, and then it was off to Fort San Diego. This was a place that the military used to watch for invaders, and there was a lot of infomation on pirates - real pirates!  There were cannons, a drawbridge, and a mote that used to be filled with alligators! The day we were there our view was blocked by two cruise ships....aaarrrrgggg. Check out this amazing oil painting that they had displayed...

After our history lesson, we were ready for lunch and Francisco knew just the place.  He took us to the Flamingo hotel, where we had lunch on the terrace.  This was absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my whole life.  We were literally right on a cliffside, overlooking the clearest blue ocean that went on for days, the sun shining, and a slight breeze blowing to create a super relaxing atmosphere for some yummy Mexican food and girl chat.  Amazing - that is all I have to say.  I want to go back immediately, if not sooner.

After lunch we went to the local flea market...yikes.  The following is a narrow-minded comment.  Take it as you will:  I totally love the way we shop in America. Let's just say I'm really glad that at the mall I don't have people flagging me down and telling me every reason under the sun that their products are better than anyone else's.  No bargaining, no "acting dis-intersted" when you really want something.  I have no problem that the girls at the Pottery Barn know I love their stuff - and the price tag approach rocks.  I know exactly what you want me to pay, and I will say yes or no.  I was over it in about 12 minutes.  Bought nothing and was ready to get back to the beach stat.  Ugh.  

Okay - the absolute coolest event of the entire trip awaited us back at the hotel.  Thanks Francisco - the day was awesome!  We quickly suited up and made our way to the pool, where off in the distance I saw about 50 people hovered at the waterfront.  What are they looking at?  What are all those little black dots on the sand??  SEA TURTLES! There were about 300 baby sea turtles trying to make their way into the sea.  How cool is it that when they are born, they have a built in compass that says, "get to the water!"  They were amazing, so little but so stong, and the people hovering around quickly became like a little cheerleading section.  I felt bad for the little guys...or girls...because they'd make it so far, and then a wave would come by and wash them back up on the sand.  They didn't give up though, and after about 20 minutes, they all had made it in.  How many people can say they've had the chance to see that???  I wished there was a Blockbuster Video nearbye - I wanted to rent Nemo:)  The video at the bottom will have to suffice!



Heather Ling said...

AMAZING!!! I'm incredibly jealous!

So, I'll see you in a week! :)

PS: Made 15 dozen cookies today. No joke.

Laurie said...

Costa Vida? Costa Azul? Is that it?