Where are they?

I am totally bugged!  My house is a complete disaster, because since I got home from Mexico I've been working non-stop.  I come home from work, immediately drop stuff wherever, kick off my shoes, and open my mail, catch up on e-mail, eat take out, etc.  Well, tonight I decided it was time to clean up. There are 2 pieces of jewelry I bought the day before I left for Mexico, and I can't find them anywhere!  I wanted to wear the bracelet this morning, and while running out of the house I didn't have time to look for it.  I thought I'd just find them once I cleaned up, and they are no where to be found!!!  I have cleaned everything, and they are officially lost.  Sad face.  Does anyone know where they are?  Cute set of silver bangles and pretty marquisate tear drop earings - where are you??


Laurie said...

You're house a disaster? NEVER! You were the squeeky cleaniest person ever to live in Danbury. You should have taken pictures of the disaster as proof, 'cause I just don't believe it! Sorry about your jewelry! If it shows up at my house, I'll make sure I let you know. Kami's been stealing things lately. Maybe she has it. By the way, she is perma-tan. Maybe she took the jewelry when she was your stowaway to Mexico? (Sorry this is probably sounding wierd to anyone that didn't read your comment on my blog.)

Heather Ling said...