Heat and Holidays...I can't wait!

     Cue the Pointer Sisters....I'm so excited!  Sunday is the big Bon Voyage to Acapulco! Sarah, Christy, Kristin and I are headed out for a week of relaxation, laying in the sun, wearing cute sun dresses that have been tucked away in our closets for a few months, and partying it up for our big B-days!  I am working like a freak everyday up until that point, but I am counting down, hoping that Sunday just gets here quickly.

     On another note...this may sound weird but I'm counting down to November 27th.  On that day I think I can put my Christmas decorations up without being classified as ridiculous.  Working in retail, we usually begin to plan for Christmas around October 1st.  It isn't even Halloween and I'm ready to move 3 holidays ahead!  I am fully addicted to Christmas decorations - like 3 Rubbermaid bins full in my storage unit addicted.  Every year I end up buying about 15 new ornaments for my tree...pretty soon I'm gonna need a bigger tree.  About 3 weeks ago I bought my first decorations of the season - really cute mosaic tile ornaments in silver and gold from Cost Plus World Market.  My obsession doesn't just encompass the tree.  Christmas is the one time of year when I remove my minimalist decorative style, and try to cover every surface in my house with holiday spirit.  I can't wait....Santa Claus is coming to town!  


Laurie said...

Hope you have so much fun!! Soak up a little sun for me; it's getting cold here!

Tia and Dan said...

Lindsey! I too am resisting the urge to put up decorations for Christmas!!!! Let me ask this: Chicken or the egg? Are/were we in retail because we love Christmas and all the hub-bub, or do we love it because retail has instilled that in us? I'm going with the former! Have a great vaca! -Tia!

tequila said...