The Fair was way more than fair!

About a week ago, a group of us went to the State activity so fondly referred to around here as "Do the Puyallup." This blog post is going to be a picture post...because it is 12 AM and I am nearly out of words for the day:)  Thanks for such a great day Kristen, Briann, Sarah, and of course Mom!

Carrie Underwood was definitely the highlight of the evening - she is too cute! Thank goodness we sat close to a giant screen, perfect for make-shift close up pictures!

Quick shot from the "All American Girl" video...

Who can wear a one-piece denim jump suit and still look cute??  

Rockin' the metallic jacket in the chilly fall air...

Okay...flash back to earlier in the day - we had so much fun on the rides! The fair totally reminded me of Lagoon (for all you Utah readers), and I can't say enough about the yummy food. I think I ate my own weight in fair food that day - but it was totally worth it. Corn dogs, carmel apples, french fries, scones...yummy!

Here we are on the "Wild Cat" - good job Mom on getting the action shots!  

This was the best sign...and the best pose of the day by Mom and Kristen :)

We spent some time looking at the animals, but I was laughing really hard at this area outside their barns - hehe.

We had such a great day - who knew State Fairs could be so fun?  I had never been before, and although I felt very country, I will definitely plan on going back.  Oh yeah, one more disturbing image...the Corn Dog vendor named his booth the "Krusty Pup" (see below), does this weird anyone else out?  Aaaahhhh, State Fairs, they bring out the best in people.  Hence my last picture in this post :)


tequila said...

Oh! I LOVE state fairs. I'm so jealous!

Love your newly painted walls, too!

Laurie said...

So much fun! I'm jealous thinking of all the yummy food . . . By the way, did the fair roller coaster feel, um, stable? I've always wondered if I'd feel safe riding something that made me go really fast way up high, that they put together in less than a day. So, really, how was it? Obviously you survived, but . . .