Blog Stalking

My friend Valerie and I, the Georgia dweller, have one of those phone relationships where we can be on the phone for EVER talking about nothing.  Perfect New Year's Eve we were on the phone so long we got to wish each other Happy New Year in our own time zones (yep, she is 3 hours ahead of me:)  It all started when she moved across the country right after high school.  As I a drove away from her house a sobbing mess after the last good-bye, I remember thinking "who am I going to talk to on a regular basis about everything?"  Well, the short answer is her.  You know those people in your life who you have to give all the scoop too about every aspect of your life whether big or small?  Well, that's Valerie.  She is one of the best story tellers I know.  I get the full scoop on her everything too...sometimes more than I care to hear:)  I love how random we are at times.  We talk about celebrities, work, family, TV shows, clothes, decorating, cleaning house, babies, food, church, school,  you name it.  Okay, moving on from the back story....recently Valerie and I have been talking about blogs.  I got her to start one reluctantly, because she suffers from "who's gonna read it" syndrome.  Both of us love to be on the phone together exploring other peoples blogs, and she introduced me to the coolest site.  There is this photographer named Jessica Claire, and neither of us know her, but Valerie stumbled onto her blog.  She is amazingly talented, and I find myself going to her sight daily to look for a new post.  She shoots many weddings, and like every girl would, I find myself daydreaming about how great it will be when she shoots my wedding.  Oh wait....I guess that would require me to find a groom - no fun.  I'm way too all about me right now.  Do I have to have a groom to have a Jessica Claire shoot?  Go exploring, and I guarantee you'll be a in awe. Check it out!

Enter the following in the search field for my two favorites:
1. Favorite photos:  "nicholas and monika" (there's a slide show at the very end, scroll down!)
2. Favorite wedding:  "new years' eve wedding part 2" (note to self, win the lotto)

Thanks Valerie for the randomness, it leads to cool finds!  Love you :)


Heather Ling said...

WOW what an amazing photographer! I definitely don't have $15k to spend, though! Lindsay, stop blogging about cool things that I want!

Laurie said...

Thanks for adding another blog to my to-check blog list. I already blog stalk a couple of other photographers, so now i'm officially adding her to my list. I'm sure Dustin isn't as grateful, but I'm sure he can find something to do while i dive into the photo shooting life of some random stranger.

Valerie said...

WooHoo for Randomness! But why am I all choked up!?!?! Oh wait cause we cry at the drop of a hat! Just move into my time zone...Love ya!