Pumped and Bummed

Today I am experiencing a mix of emotions. 

I feel really blessed because something I've been praying about for a long time finally came to fruition yesterday.  I'm not quite ready to give all the details here on the blog, but someday soon you'll get the full story.  Isn't it amazing how God's timing is perfect?  For now, all I want to say is - I was freaking out for no reason.  I am really grateful that He knew exactly what I needed, and when I needed it.  Why do I ever try to plan my life's details all by myself?

I am sad today too.  Brother and his fiance' Amber are in Utah this weekend visiting my parents.  I wanna go too!!!  Not fair.  I wish I was there with them!  Hanging out and having fun with my family for the next few days would be way more fun than work :(  All of my Mom's cute friends are giving Amber a shower on Monday, and this weekend they are all attending the wedding of our family friend, Trevail.  Weddings, weddings everywhere!  Did I mention they were in Utah for Memorial Day weekend for another wedding too?  Yeah, 2 trips home for them, zero for me.  I miss everyone...

I don't think I've ever posted a picture of them on the blog...so here you go.  Only 6 weeks to go!  Welcome to the family Amber, we love you!


Laurie said...

I can't believe Matt's old enough to be getting married! That will be so exciting! Now you'll have a new sister!