I'm totally embarrassed for myself

This week I was playing the role of an idiot girl.  I can't believe my ridiculousness.  Although I will say as a precursor to this story...mean people can totally ruin your day without so much as a warning.  

Monday after work I went to the gym with my friend Sarah, as I do most everyday of the week. We workout in Mill Creek, which is the cutest little neighborhood.  Its very family oriented, and has lots of fun outdoor markets and little shopping centers, etc.  I was running late due to an errand I had to do along the way, and grabbed my bag of gym clothes as I ran in to meet Sarah.  We came out an hour later and I realized the parking spot I chose was filled with glass. "Great...I'm definitely getting a flat tire now," was my first thought. "Nice job not paying attention while pulling into your spot Lindsay." As we got closer to the car, I quickly realized all that glass under my car was MY window!  Slow motion running ensued next..."Noooooo! My wallet is in my front seat!"  There was a softball size whole in my front passenger side window, and glass everywhere.  In the seat, in the floor, on the ground, in my door, in my cup holder...everywhere! Even all over my wallet.  What???  That's right, my window was shattered, someone busted in using their elbow or something, and didn't take my wallet.  This is the point where you can ask yourself why I would leave my wallet laying in plain sight on the seat.  I don't know, I'll never do it again, and please refer to the title of this blog post.  I then proceeded to check every nook and cranny for what was stolen. All cards and IDs accounted for, cell charger still plugged in, cell phone laying in my cup holder, all my CDs still on the sun visor....nothing.  "Maybe it was a baseball game gone wrong," I thought, but there was nothing on the ground near my car.  We called the police, and the nicest officer named Bart came to check out the scene.  He suggested I call around and try to find a mobile repair service, because he knew of several that were open late.  It was 9:00 o'clock or so by this point, and freezing might I add.  We of course had no jackets, and were blaring the heater in my car, trying to get somewhat warm before it all flew out the window.  As I was talking to my Dad regarding his Google search for auto glass repair, I reached for my purse to grab some paper to write down the info....ummmm, missing a purse anyone?  I didn't even notice until 1 hour later, police man come and gone, that my purse was what was taken!!  I think because I was so concerned about my wallet and my phone, I didn't even notice my missing bag - I'm such an idiot!  And here is the icing on the cake...my keys to the Gap were in the bag, nice.  Time to call a locksmith :) Those burglars are going to be so bummed...all they got was my umbrella, lip gloss, a pen, and some random keys.  The bag itself I shed a little tear for.  Rest in peace Banana Republic brown leather briefcase - I'll miss you.  You were so pretty :(  

The rest of the night, we were on a clean-up adventure.  Sarah was so great to accompany me to the gas station so I could vacuum up chunks of glass.  Of course this was the point in the evening that it started to rain, and we were reminded of Murphy's Law.  We proceeded to tape a ghetto-fabulous trash bag over the window, and then go to the drive through at Jack in the Box.  We finished the fun-filled evening over cheeseburgers and the sound of rain against a plastic make-shift window.  Thanks Sarah for my dinner, and for helping me nurse the Liberty back to health - at least temporarily.     

The morale of the story is, safe neighborhoods apparently don't exist when you're a dork and leave your wallet out for all to see.  Don't use white trash bags to cover your glass-less window, (I couldn't see to turn left for 2 days...who might be coming from the right that I'm cutting off???)  And mean people may ruin your day without warning, but not really.  They're not very smart, I've got great friends that helped me clean up the mess, and this could have been a whole lot worse :)


Laurie said...

that is so sad, yet funny at the same time, only because of your sarcastic humor that you are so great at using. I hope by some miracle the thiefs randomly figure out how to return your bag. So sorry for you!