Dave round 2...

The top 10 reasons I love my Dad!

10.  He is the very best teacher on the planet.  If you need to know how to do something new, he is the best explainer/demonstrator ever!  We like to call him "Hadji" as if he were working in a foreign country receiving incoming customer service calls - hehe.

9.  He taught me the beauty of a really clean car.  Thanks to him, a 3+ hour car-washing afternoon is my idea of a good time.  Every nook and cranny can sparkle like new if you give it time.  The Liberty loves Dad for this reason too.

8.  He taught me how to be an independent person.  I think this started when I was about 2, because he reminds me of a commonly used phrase, "I do it!"  The best example of this is that I can move to a new place all by myself, and feel excited about it, not scared!

7.  He took us to see many places not everyone gets to see.  So many of my best memories are the family vacations we took to really exciting places...Hawaii, San Fran, NYC, Vegas, Orlando, Washington DC, Chicago, and the list goes on and on.  Not to mention moving to Germany for a few years in there too!  

6.  He pushes me to do things I'm not sure I can do.  From "you better not let go of my bike seat Dad, I'll crash" to "this is a scary conversation I have to have with someone I work with," the encouragement is always there.  I can recall several emotional "death spirals" as he likes to call them, that he reached in a pulled me out from.

5.  He forced us to have "MFF" when both Matt and I lived at home. Mandatory Family Fun was sometimes the LAST thing we wanted to do, but looking back, these are the times that made us as close as we are today.  I am very proud of the strong family unit that he created for the 4 of us.  Something as simple as driving to the Chevron down the street, getting a Coke, and sitting in the car talking to each other can create such a tight bond.  

4.  He is my best technology buddy!  I feel super-cool and non-stereotypical as a girl when we talk about subwoofers, HDTV, the latest Mac gadgets, TiVo, Blu-Ray, surround sound, wireless this-and-that, etc.  I think I've just about got it when it comes to setting up all of the above mentioned.  If not, that's what "Hadji" is for.      

3.  He is funny!  You know those Dads that try really hard but end up cracking silly/corny jokes?  So not my Dad.  Have you ever read one of our Christmas letters?  The best sample of his humor by far.  He is the best a one-liners, just when you need a good laugh:)  

2.  He is so wise.  My Dad knows so much about so much.  Anything, and I mean anything I need advice on, and he is the first person I turn to.  He does such a great job of balancing logic and emotion, and always seems to help me come to the best conclusion during the scary-decision-making times in my life.  I love the long talks we have about what is going on in my life.  No matter how big or small the issue, he knows the value of quality discussion time.  

1.  Quite simply, he's the best!  I love you Dad.  Happy Father's Day!


Camille said...

I heart daddy Ward. He has even assisted in a few of my death spirals!

Laurie said...

You are seriously so blessed to have such a great dad!

Heather Ling said...

As promised: