Cinemark needs a season pass :(

I love the summertime for many reasons, but one very important one is the many great movies that are released!  (Followed closely by concerts...only 21 days until Tim McGraw!)  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, it seems like every weekend I'm pumped to spend another $10 for 2 hours in a room that smells like a combination of stinky feet and burnt popcorn.  Why?  Because I heart the cinema!  Remember when you were a kid and "Front Row Joe" had summer movies for kids around 10 AM everyday?  I think that's where this affection all started.  I have seen like 17 movies in the last 2 weeks, and I don't have the energy to give a giant synopsis of each, so here you go:

1.  Indiana Jones:  gotta love a 72 year old super hero.  Loved the special effects and 1-liners, but definitely found myself saying, "really...this is where we're going with this?" as the movie came to a close.  
2.  Made of Honor:  Super-girly and super predictable, but pretty cute.  Plus 2 hours of McDreamy...yum.
3.  Iron Man:  Robert Downy Junior as a comic book character?  Umm...totally wasn't buying the idea.  He did pretty well!  I guess the sarcastic undertones of the character saved him.  And who knew Gwyneth was in it?  
4.  Sex and the City:  This movie fulfills all my fashion fantasies.  No one in real life would wear an electric blue mini dress with thigh high argyle sox - but somehow Carrie can pull it off.  I can hardly wait for the DVD to watch the special features on their wardrobes:)  Most people probably don't get it....but oh my gosh - the costuming is like art.

What else?  Well, I went to Camille's this weekend for a visit.  We went into Portland on Saturday and I got to play Stacey London for the day.  I love when people invite me shopping and I get to give my opinion:)  We had fun building a new wardrobe for her, and found some good deals!  Oh, and I got 3 pairs of new shoes for myself...hehe.

Saturday night we watched the LOST finale...what the??  I love that show.  The craziest thing is that none of your questions ever get answered, the plot lines simply create about 50 more questions in each episode.  In Sawyer in the ocean?  Why is Locke Jeremy?  Who is watching Hurley?  What that really a dream where Kate saw Claire?  Love it...

Sunday I got a hair cut and delicious brown highlights, followed by an outing for yummy mexican food.  Back to the real world Sunday night.  I don't want to!  Thanks Camille for a super fun weekend - I miss you!

Well, it is 12:20 AM and I'm out.  Off to bed yo!


Laurie said...

here, linds. Here's the link to cinemark's summer movie pass:

it's 5 bucks for 10 movies. You like Arthur & the Invisibles, right? Doogal? Ummm, anybody ever heard of these movies?

Anonymous said...

i work for cinemark and they do have season passes. I get them from customers every weekend, not alot though so I have no idea how they got them.