Remember that one time there was a writer's strike??



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Everything is right with the world again.  I was developing severe irritation towards the OVERLOAD of reality television series.  Now don't get me wrong, I do love a good handful of those "unscripted" beauties (team Lauren!), but when we start to see pageant moms and lie detector tests being profiled, there is a problem.  Raise your hand if you're pumped to see Meredith, Derek, Sawyer, Kitty, Nora, Peyton and Lucas back again!!  I heart Thursday nights.  Grey's and Lost back-to-back??? Are you kidding me???  I also appreciated the return of Addison last night - she is my all time favorite - and if I don't get to see her until the fall, at least they were smart enough to have her pay a visit to Seattle Grace.  Now, onto Lost...congrats to the writers for finally bringing back intrigue, and at a rapid pace!  Every week I feel like 17 million things are revealed.  "Future flashes" are my new favorite thing, especially if they involve Jack and Kate getting together:)  Has anyone joined the "Brothers and Sisters" following?  Highly recommended, and much better than Desperate Housewives...(ugh, I'm over Wisteria Lane.)  And last but not least, I'm loving that my favorite night-time soap opera was kept alive with the "ingenious" idea to move forward 4 years in the lives of the Tree Hill teens.  Peyton still loves Lucas, Brooke still loves fashion, Mouth still loves nerdy girls, Nathan still loves basketball, and Hayley still loves music??  Weird...not much has changed.  Oh well, I'm still hooked.  Long live scripted television! 


Camille said...

There was a writers strike?

I heart Sawyer. Amen.

Aubrey said...

I am with you. I totally missed my Grey's and One Tree Hill. Big fan here. It is great hearing about you again, it's been way too long.