Exhausted, Party of One...

I have had the craziest week ever.  I tend to fill my days from start to finish, and when I try to fit way too much in, I end up with zero energy.  Today is the first day off I've had in 8 days, and I slept until 12:56 pm.  What???  You know you've got too much going on in your life when that happens and the first thought through your mind when you look at the clock is, "Noooo!  My whole day is wasted!  I wanted to get so much done today!"  Too bad.  Looks like my body took over and said, "rest please!"  Don't get me wrong, my week has been filled with some fun activities too - but activity none the less.  Here is a summary of what has happened in the life of Lindsay for the last week or so...

Last Saturday I worked 9-6 and went to dinner with friends after work.  We hit the most random topic of conversation - who is on "our list."  (Something tells me I will have references to "Friends" episodes numerous times on the blog:)  My "older guy" was Harrison Ford -  Indiana Jones is totally hot!  I actually bought a t-shirt this week to wear to the movies on May 22nd with Indy himself right on the front!  Who cares if I got it in the 12-year-old boy section?  My "funny/nerdy" guy was Will Ferrell, my "black rapper" was P. Diddy, and my "country music singer" was Dierks Bentley.  Random - I know.  We then went to a 10:00 showing of "What Happens in Vegas" - hilarious!!  Gotta love Ashton Kutcher!  Speaking of 12-year-old boys - his humor = Elemetary school.  Bedtime 1:00am.

Sunday was work from 11-8, and I was checking my e-mail at like 7:56, only to discover we were having a corporate visit Monday, from people in the Real Estate department.  Nothing like an un-planned "drop-by" from those high up on the totem pole.  Did I mention Monday was supposed to be my day off?  I was going to attend a class on photography that afternoon...nevermind.  I left work in a fit of rage, went to the gym, and discovered while huffing through my workout that I'd left some important documents at work.  Back to work at 9:00, then home to prepare for Monday's visitors.  Bedtime 12 midnight.

Monday was up early for a conference call at 6:30, then running errands all morning before off to the Gap around 2:00.  The 2:30 arrival time of the visitors turned into a 4:00 phone call saying they were postponing until Tuesday.  Did I mention that Tuesday was supposed to be my other day off?  What the??  Oh well - no time to wallow, it was time for a Cinco-de-Mayo celebration!  8 of my friends and I had yummy/greasy Mexican for dinner at La Palmera, then went to the movies again (twice in 3 days??) to see "Baby Mama."  At one point I was laughing so hard I think everyone in the theater was totally bugged.  It was so great!  Bedtime 12 midnight.

Tuesday was up early again for another conference call at 7:00, and at 9:00 the Real Estate visitors came to the Gap.  Our visit went really well.  We just moved the Gap that I manage into a brand new space about 3 months ago.  This was a great opportunity to give our Headquarters parters feedback regarding the experience.  I spent the rest of the day with my friend Summer - it was her Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Summer!!  We are starting on a new insurance business adventure together, and spent the afternoon filling out paperwork and practicing client phone calls.  Off to the gym at 5:00, Bible Study at 7:30, and then I had a phone date with Camille...busy girls have to schedule phone conversations in to make sure they happen:)  Catching up until 12, bedtime 12:30.

Wednesday was up early to leave the house by 6:30.  We had the VP of Operations for Gap in town, and hosted a breakfast for her in Seattle before she toured the stores in the area.  I made a mid-morning stop at Old Navy, and $109 later, was on my way home.  Holy cute stuff!  I've been back twice since then to buy more stuff.  Now I just need to weather to cooperate so I can wear all my new purchases:)  I worked 1-10 that night, made the store beautiful for the VP visit the next day, and then went home to watch riveting television including "America's Next Top Model" before bed.  Why do I stay up so late every night you ask?  TiVo....its the devil.   Bedtime 1:00 am.

Thursday was VP visit day, the second visit of the week.  This was even more important than the Tuesday's, and again went really well.  I was in my office the rest of the day, preparing for new summer stuff coming next week.  It is SUPER cute...everyone save your pennies and get to the GAP next week.  Again, weather...please cooperate!  Thursday night was more insurance business with Summer until 9:00, then the all important ABC Thursday line-up of Grey's and Lost!  Bedtime 1:00am.  

Friday was up early to clean the house.  I hate when life gets ahead of you and and suddenly your can't see the floor in your bedroom.  I must have had like 19 stacks a mail strewn about the kitchen counters too.  Don't worry - the super cute project Mom and I started when she was here still sits in my living room floor.  Ugh.  Off to work from 2-11, and I felt really productive during my shift.  My team and I got a lot accomplished.  You wouldn't believe the amount of work that goes into changing seasons of merchandise in a retail store.  It typically takes about a week to get everything done!  I was a dork and stayed up until 1:30 last night checking out everyone's blogs.  A busy week left me no time to read!  Bedtime 1:30.

And that leads us back to today's 12:56pm stumble out of bed.  Yikes.  I was supposed to work today, but decided to rely on my rockstar supervisors to run the store, so I could get some much needed rest.  Thanks girls!  I made it a priority to relax today, because clearly I needed it.  I wandered around the mall with friends today (I know, weird that I go to the mall on my day off).  Afterwards I went to Target - always relaxing - and now I am home watching "Die Hard."  To be honest, I could fall asleep right now.  I think I will...just say no to TiVo!  I can only feed one electronic addiction in a day, and tonight I chose to blog!  Bedtime 9:30 - horray!


Heather Ling said...

Boy am I glad you finally took a day off from work! I had no idea you went to bed so late!

I finally watched Top Model. All I can say is "finally"! I can't wait for the finale, although I'm almost positive Whitney will win. So if I am upset on Thursday, then you know why! :)

Laurie said...

I can't believe how many details you were able to remember over the last 8 days. That's amazing! I can't even remember what I did 2 days ago. enjoy your week.