Just Call me Dave...

The top 10 Reasons I love my Mom!

10.  She always smells good....you know, like mothers do.  Silly I know, but somehow that smell makes me feel very comforted.
9.  She always puts the needs and wants of her family before hers.  Perfect example = always holding our stuff while we rode the scary roller coasters!  How boring that must have been!
8.  She is so cool!  My Mom isn't one of those "old" Moms.  She's got cute flare jeans, a really fun haircut, listens to her iPod, and watches comic book movies with my brother:)
7.  She is my very best phone buddy.  I love that we need to talk everyday, and almost always for more than an hour.
6.  She is always 110% supportive of what I have going on.  You wouldn't believe how many cheerleading competitions, piano recitals, and cross country moves she has been a part of:)
5.  She is a rule follower.  Although we give her such a hard time, her obsessive need to never do anything intentionally wrong shows what an amazingly honest character she has.
4.  She is such a good example of a wife.  I appreciate the many ways that her 33 years of marriage has shown me how to be supportive and loving to your best friend.  
3.  She is a great listener.  I always seem to be talking her ear off.  It makes me feel better about my day just knowing that she is filled in on all the details.
2.  She is a women of God.  My Mom is an amazing Christian, and shows me everyday how to be a truly devoted follower of Christ.
1.  She is my Mom!!  Plain and simple, she's the best.  I love you Mom!

Happy Mothers' Day:)


Briena Harris said...

Hey, great to hear from you. I know I love the blogs. Looks like you are doing great.

Debbie said...

How sweet. Made me cry--but it was a good cry. It's easy to be a good mom when you have great kids! I love you too.

Laurie said...

I know I haven't necessarily been around your mom too much lately . . . okay a few years, but I have to say that I've always been super impressed by her, too. During high school she was always so nice and a mother to everyone, especially on any cheer trips we took. I remember running into her and your dad in the Wal-mart parking lot a couple of years after Danbury life and she was so good to stop and even remember me and talk to me. It made me feel all good. Anyway, thought I'd share my random thoughts with you.

Valerie said...

I also Heart your mom...Way to go Ms. Debbie for being an Awesome Mom!