5 Things Friday: Summer Goals Edition...

Hi all! Today's blog post is full of things that have been on my mind lately. As we draw closer to summer, I've been focused on activities and experiences I don't want to let get past me this season. Read up - and maybe you'll be motivated to create some goals too!

1. To explore more of the PNW. I live in a beautiful state, and I haven't explored it nearly enough. I will spend some time this summer taking mini-road trips to places uncharted by yours truly, as well as visiting local hangouts that have garnered praise. San Juan islands, Olympic peninsula, numerous hikes that will land me on a beach, Sunday markets, sailing on Lake Washington, local parks....the list goes on and on. Hang on Liberty - we're going to put some miles on you very soon :)

2. To continue pursuing Pilates. I know I've said it before, but I really love this new found class at a studio called Barre3. I've almost become a regular - and just need to bite the expensive bullet and sign up for the long term. The instructors are amazing, and I'm really starting to see how this class could drastically change my shape and stature. But most of all, I love the way I feel after a class: long, lean, energized and awake. Not to mention, this will help accomplish a few other things: drinking more water, and wearing all of my cute Lululemon purchases!

3. To finish a bunch of books. Don't freak out Mom...but I'm going to try and complete some of what is on my shelf. Blog friends, you may not know, but I never read books. Magazines yes, books no. Much to the dismay of my Mother, who did all things right by reading to me regularly as a child, reading has probably been a least favorite activity of mine for years. Not sure why, but something is changing. I find myself purchasing literature regularly now, and would like to use this summer to complete, not just start reading some of my books. Note my use of the word "some." I know better than to commit to reading all of them....I'm sure I'll have to squeeze several amazing magazines in there.

4. To wear a lot of skirts and dresses...even under the boyish blue tee I'm in while at work everyday. I can hardly wait for the weather to cooperate, because my love of skirts and dresses is nearly busting out of my closet. I purchased 2 new options this week alone. Superficial alert: I'm a bit hesitant at my ability to still look cute while having to wear a uniform - but my goal is not to let the box-y tee get the best of me! I love a good girly skirt, and that's will continue!

5. To blog more. Regularly! This is super fun...enough said :)


Debbie said...

I'm so proud! You're going to read. Just kidding. :) I do hope you learn to love getting lost in a book, though. There's nothing like it. Love you.

Anonymous said...

lindsay, you crack me up. for some reason i am quite addicted to your blogs. i don't even care about fashion or celebrity people, but the way you right it makes me just keep on reading... i like your goals and am setting some goals of my own for the summer and beyond... maybe one day i'll blah blah blog about it too!

love sarah casto

Anonymous said...

The way you WRITE it i mean! (not right it) lol.

ps. did you get those mannequin clamps up yet?