What I wore....

How about some random blog posts about outfits I've been sporting?
Why not?

Yesterday while braving the windy city of Chicago I busted out a nautical theme. For those of you who know me well - you're rolling your eyes and saying "weird" right now. Not surprising I know. I'm practically a sailor on most days. Hey - why mess with a good thing?

I've got the shoe on the right, in the color on the left...
Of course no outfit is complete without a bit of sparkle...
I recently returned a pair of designer jeans to Nordstrom, because these "curvys" from the Gap do me just fine, and my wallet loves $60 more than $150.
My recent splurge into the trend of rose gold jewelry. Love it. Wear it everyday.

Topping off the nautical theme-$12 at Urban Outfitters. Great for cheap jewels.