Remember "5 Things Friday?"

Once upon a time I was a bit more regular with blogging. I'm not promising to be better at this now - this morning I'm just looking for a way to avoid going to the gym. Done! Today's edition of "5 Things Friday" is made up of items I'm recently obsessing on....random, but true.

1. Adele. Do you know about her?? If you don't, you should. The boys in the technician room at Apple (really?? I know - I am surprised by them more and more each day too) introduced me to her hypnotic tunes. She can belt it out with the best of them, and I was immediately hooked! She is coming in concert on June 1st, and the tickets sold out in less than 5 minutes (insert sad face here). I am regularly scouring Craigslist for any reasonably priced way in. Not only is she a great singer, but she can do a fantastic cat eye and rock a 50's that's talent. On her most recent album, "21," #2, #3 and #11 are my favorite. iTunes. Go. Now.

2. Lululemon. Say what?? For those of you that don't live in the PNW - you may not know of this funky named company that produces seriously cute workout gear. I'm doing fairly well at my goal of becoming a more regular gym-goer (pay no attention to this mornings' exception), and if any of you are like me, I need motivation in the wardrobe department to get my bum out the door. I'm not a fan of the big baggy tee and old sweatpant look. Bleh. Enter Lululemon. Followed closely by rapidly loosing all my money. Wowzers, its spendy stuff! I did manage to find an outlet location and score some decent finds - however - I do work in a mall. I now find myself visiting their University Village showroom rather everyday on my break. Danger!

3. Ally McBeal. Someone is late to the party - I know. Who knew this mid-90s show was so funny?? I was apparently too busy watching "Friends" to take notice. Thank goodness for Netflix. I love Ally and her quirky ways. I want to hate Georgia, but I sort of love her too. And the dancing baby? Sure, why not. I'm only on season 1 - but I know there are great things to come. Great things named Robert Downey Junior and Jon Bon Jovi. Whoot whoot!

4. Twitter. And more specifically, tweets from a snake. Now, I am not a news watcher - so I tend to pick up on big news stories from social media sites and entertainment blogs. This past week was no exception, as I learned about the Egyptian Cobra that was missing from the Bronx Zoo via a blog. However - the highlight of the story for me was the ingenious person (who still remains anonymous) that started a twitter account for said snake, and was "tweeting" his hypothetical - and hilarious - adventures throughout the city. For example...
  • Got a bagel at H & H Bagels on upper west side. When I ordered I said, "I'll have the snakes on a PLAIN." He did not laugh. Tough crowd.
  • Indiana Jones, why did it have to be Indiana Jones?
  • Taking the Sex and the City Tour!!! I'm totally a SSSamantha.
  • Forgot DWTS is tonight! Someone DVR it for me. Want to watch Ralph Macchio go down for what he did to Cobra Kai Dojo.
  • Dear NYC, Apples and snakes have gone together since the beginning.
Seriously died laughing all week. Do yourself a favor and check it out. (!/BronxZoosCobra)

5. Perfect blush and bronzer combos/application. I used to be really obsessed with eye shadow. In fact, I have about 417 different bold eye colors that are no longer in regular rotation. Why? Summer (I hope) is right around the corner, and about this time of year in Seattle we are DESPERATE for a small ray of sunshine. I've taken to defying Mother Nature, and I'm desperately trying every morning to create a look that fools everyone into thinking I've been kissed by the sun. Benefit brand never fails me with an amazing blush color - and my recent favorite bronzer is by Bare Minerals. How do the Kardashian girls do it?? Jealous.