How about some Sunday sunshine??

Look at me - I'm on a roll! Seems as if someone is getting back into the swing of this blogging thing:) A few things that are makin' me happy these days....

1. Spring is trying SOOO hard to come to the Pacific Northwest. Hang in their Mother Nature! You've got a lot of people rooting for you, including me, every day as I leave my house. Thanks for reminding me of your valiant efforts!

2. Dress season! I am doing my part to coax the sunshine out from behind the clouds. Do you think if I just keep buying fabulous summer frocks our weather will get warmer faster?? Even if it is barely breaking 50, I get an "A" for effort - these 3 were purchased this week alone :) Option #1 and #3 look darling with a black blazer over the top and some sassy shoes. #2 is just calling for a cardigan and a long necklace. Yay for versatile pieces!

3. My job. Isn't is amazing what a difference a year can make?? I had a moment of reflection yesterday, when on my way to work I found myself feeling excited to get there. Wow. I love my team, I'm feeling settled, and most importantly, I'm feeling balanced. Work is not my life, but rather a healthy environment where I spend some of my time. Also, one of my most favorite people on the planet made the transition from Gap to Apple as well, and her first day is tomorrow. Welcome P! So glad we get to be in the same family again:)

4. Becoming an aunt! What what?? I still don't think the concept of my little brother as a father has completely sunk in. In my mind, he is still 12 at times, and rocking a bowl cut. He and Amber are going to be amazing parents, and this is such an exciting time for our family. Someone's going to kill me - but see what I mean about not picturing him as a father?? I clearly am going to take 1st place as favorite aunt - but probably not as a sister after posting this :)

5. Concert season is right around the corner! I am SOOOO excited to be jammin' out this summer. On the list so far: (we'll see if this grows...)
  • Sunny Palm Springs to see Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood and many more at the Stagecoach Music Festival in April.
  • Someone on craigslist please hook me up so I can see Adele on June 1st!
  • Tim McGraw at the Gorge ampitheater in mid-June. Pic below from a show there last year...what an amazing venue.
  • July 18th is Sugarland! All I wanna do-o-o-o-o...
  • 2 days later is Katy Perry helping my live my teenage dream :)
  • Late July Valerie and I are trying to make B. Spears plans...perhaps in Vegas??
  • And rounding out the summer is Keith Urban in late September. Maybe we'll get this lucky again? Oh yeah....I totally took this pic as he was slinging sweat around!

6. Chi-town! I get to go to Chicago for a work trip next week, and I'm grateful for a little getaway. Yes, I'll be in meetings for most of the time, but we're staying RIGHT downtown, and I'm sure I'll find some time for shopping and dining at some local hotspots. Check out this fancy hotel I get to stay at! A Doubletree Hotel called "the Wit" that is super-kewl....

Loving the blend of turquoise and pink...they must have known a girl who likes crazy color combos would be coming.

If anything, I'll for sure check out the rooftop bar and all its fabulousness...probably with a coat on.
7. Bought this little decal online today for $8 - can't wait for it to arrive. Who cares if my iPad is going to look like it belongs to an 8 year old girl?

8. The Skagit Tulip Festival is here again! The real question is will we have a day that I can go see them where I don't have to take my umbrella with me?? Here's hoping.

9. My new mousepad....because it's cute and whimsical. As is pretty much everything at Anthropologie where this little gem was purchased.

10. Barre3. This new workout location has me hooked. It is a super-sleek studio, where they combine Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet into an hour long class that will kick your toosh. All the movements we do are ridiculously slow (ie. 4 counts down and 4 counts up for a squat), and my muscles are shaking like crazy for about 58 minutes of the total hour. However, when I leave I feel long and lean, and totally refreshed. Aparently this is Madonna's workout of choice. Better be careful or I might end up looking like her....gross.


Heather Ling said...

I'm also stoked for dress season! Actually, it's been more like skirt season for me. Good thing Gap's had cute tights lately because I need them!

I'm glad you've been able to find a good work/life balance! No more all day plus over-nighters for you? And is P from downtown? I hope so, I like her too. :)

Hooray, Aunt Lindsay for realsies? Congrats!!

And wow is it concert season again already? I don't go to concerts much, but I live vicariously through your recaps and photos.

And lastly... people still use mousepads??? :P

Sarah said...

Where is this new gym?? Barre3?