5 Things Friday....CyberSpace edition :)

Hello bloggers!

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Today's edition of "5 Things Friday" is perfect for this summer weather, because its all about surfing. Okay - surfing the internet - which as luck would have it can be done all year round :) I don't know about you, but I am constantly on the internet. I probably average at least 2 hours a day looking at random stuff - a phenomenon my mother and I have talked about - and that she will never understand. Although she may change her tune now that she has joined the darkside known as "Facebook". That's right - my Mom has 485 friends to my sad 296. I can picture my Dad rolling his eyes right now. Maybe the above sentence should read, "a phenomenon my father will never understand." Anywho - this post isn't about the obvious sites we computer junkies visit daily....facebook, email, anyone who still sadly goes to myspace, etc., but the unique and fun places I visit that I'd like to invite you along to!

1. www.houseofturquoise.com

This home decor inspired blog was recommended to me by Heather Wang (hi Heather!). It is published by a girl named Erin, and in her words, "I am obsessed with the color turquoise. I started this blog to collect inspirational photos I find of fabulous rooms that feature all of the lovely shades of my favorite color." Seriously beautiful photographs of people's homes - all somehow using the color turquoise in the decor. Below are some of my favorite shots:

2. Modcloth.com

This website has the cutest dresses! I'm sure you've noticed from my last few posts (because I've mentioned it 99 times) I'm on a dress kick these days - hence my new found love of modcloth.com. They've got so many different styles - vintage, retro, party, sundresses, cocktail, etc. - I want one of everything. Although I spend most of my time in dresses, there are some fun whimsical items for the home (check out the salt and pepper shakers below), and great accessories too. One of my favorite things about the site is the way they name their products. Examples below....

The "Sesame Candy" dress

The "Come Hither" dress

The "Miss Issippi" Dress

The "Count the Ways" dress

The "Windy City" dress

"Sew Cute" earrings
and "Peas Pass the Salt and Pepper" shakers!
3. People.com

Because I'm shallow, and I need to know what Carrie Underwood's workout routine is, how many kids Brangelina are going to adopt this year, and which Starbucks barefoot Britney has been spotted at this week. Go ahead - comment all you want, but did you know Tori Spelling's husband was in ICU before I did? I don't think so. Now whether or not you care is a different story....

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4. google.com/reader

This is an amazing tool that google offers where you can "subscribe" to the blogs you'd like to follow. Rather than be-bop all over the internet checking to see if your friends and family have provided you with a new post to read - all you have to do is check one spot - Google reader! Basically you tell them the blogs you'd like to check, and bam! Any and all new posts by your peeps are in one spot. Love it. For practice, go subscribe to the "Blah Blah Blog" right now!

5. Seattlehome.com

As if I have 1 million dollars to spare, I'm always looking at home listings. There are so many fabulous homes on the market in our area - and in my dreams I am a real estate investor. I am so intrigued by real estate - types, costs, locations, remodels - you name it and I'm hooked. For this same reason, if I'm not on the computer, I can typically be found infront of HGTV:) It is really fun to check out the listings on this site - whether millions of dollars, or on the verge of affordable, I set up different searches to see what's out there just about every day. Look at these gems I found today...

Only 3.9 million - what a steal!

Okay - something a bit smaller perhaps?

Very cute - and only $995,000!
One can dream right? Oh, and browsing the website is free :)

Have a fantastic weekend bloggers!