5 Things Friday: Quirky much?

I haven't blogged any "5 things Friday" topics in a bit, so here you go. 5 weird-o things about yours truly...

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1. I can only change the volume on my radio in even numbers. The dial never goes up or down by just one number - always two. No joke. If 6 is too quiet, 7 isn't the solution, it has to be 8. If 12 is too loud, 11 won't cut it, the volume has to land on 10.

2. There are many nuisances that living in the rain can cause. Using an umbrella, humidity leading to fuzzy hair, and replacing wiper blades ALL the time. One thing I'll never get used to, infact a GIANT pet peeve of mine.... pants that are soaking wet at the bottom. I think I've developed amazing calf muscles from walking on my tip-toes when it is pouring outside. Not only does this bother me - but I hate when I see other people with that ugly 1/2-moon-shaped ring of water on the back-side of their ankles. Hem your pants appropriately people. Or at least give your calves a good workout....

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3. I don't drink water. Ever. There are many days when the only water I get are the few drops that happen to sneak in while brushing my teeth. Go ahead...begin the reprimanding now. Nothing I haven't heard before.

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4. I am an ironing freak. Not a day goes by that I don't iron something. I iron my t-shirts, my jeans, and have even been known to iron my bed linens. I love a good crease! My favorite crease is the one you can create on a sleeve from the shoulder seem to the cuff. Many of you who have been to my house know that the ironing board stays up at all times. It is rare that the iron is actually put away in the laundry room. Just consider it another piece of furniture:)

5. My favorite movie of all time is "The Sound of Music." There is a "Sound of Music" tour you can take in Salzburg, and that is seriously on my bucket list. I love to get cozy and watch the movie when it's raining outside, I can sing a long to every word, (except for edelweiss, bleh...fast forward every time) and I wanna be a VonTrap. My favorite parts include Maria making play clothes out of curtains (take that Captain), the family hiding from that jerk Ralph in the cemetery after dark (I hold my breath every time), and Leisel skipping around the gazebo before that ridiculous squeel. Who's with me? I'm off to Austria now....yo-da-lay-he-who!