These are a few of my favorite things...

Just a random blog post of a few of my favorite recent purchases. Because I feel like it:)

Who wants to come over for some afternoon sun? It was so nice out today - I just had to bust out my patio furniture. The Home Depot garden center was clearly I wasn't the only one with this idea. PS - don't you love the super cute old-fashioned Pepsi crate? It is the newest addition to my patio collection - thanks PB.

So - I've tried really hard to get on the gladiator sandal trend. There are several cute options I regularly stroll past at Nordstrom - and last week I decided to try some on. Ummmm - no good. Totally made my ankles look fat - veto. (Remember when Ross said Rachel had chubby ankles? That was me - right there in front of the cute Nordstrom shoe boy). Never fear! While spending 30 minutes in the shoe department I did come across these beauties - navy, purple and gold t-staps with a chunky heel, yes please:)

Nearly every morning my breakfast is a non-fat banana chocolate Vivano from Starbucks. Living in the PNW, I have absolutely become caught up in the "gee, I don't think I fit in around here if I don't have a Starbucks cup in my hand" mentality. The company has caught on to how we Seattle-ites think, and you can now purchase these! It is plastic, and insulated, so any chilly beverage from my homestead can now pose as a beverage purchased to fit in. Good thing Diet Coke is the same color as coffee...

$5 and hot pink - what's not to love! I need some sort of floral insert - but for now I'm enjoying this amazing pop of color on top of my dresser.

When I went to Pittsburg to visit Paige a few months ago - she took me to a darling little boutique downtown called "Hot Haute Hot." They had jewelry, furniture, and amazing home decor stuff. I picked up this fun calendar and chalkboard for my kitchen. My intent was to write a recipe or a menu on it....oh wait, I don't cook.

I wish there was a scratch and sniff capability on my blog - because I need everyone to smell these yummy soaps. They are a beautiful shade of robin's egg blue, and perfect addition to my counter top vignette in the bathroom - and smell heavenly! The best way to describe the scent is "clean" - which I know, is not a good word to describe a scent.

Don't hate me - but I love Katy Perry. I constantly have her CD on repeat in my car, and even saw her in concert last year. I know - a bit ridiculous. Her 2nd CD comes out this summer - and I can't wait! The first song from the CD has been released, and is being played non-stop on the radio, and I'm in love. This has summer anthem written all over it. "California Gurls" - puchased from iTunes, and worth every bit of the 99 cents!


Matthew said...

Vases... What a surprise.

And Katy Perry? Wow...

Losing points Linds.

BTW-Amber can cook. Ask her for the chicken roll-ups recipe.

Paige said...

Loving the blog....I love the back porch, great work!!! I just got mine finished, I will have to show you! Hope all is well!

Love ya!