I'm Baaaaaaccckkk! (oh, and some fashion stuff too)

1 million years later - I've decided to pick up blogging again. Not sure why I fell off the bandwagon, but here I am, committed to becoming a regular writer again. I really do enjoy blogging.....it's a great way to get my opinion out there - even in no one reads it, or if those that do read it, disagree with what I have to say. So, to begin my new string of what I hope to be regular posts, I thought I'd start with something near and dear to my heart - Oscar fashion! Here is what I have to say about this years' red carpet:

Let's start with the worst dressed...

Really Charlize? Really? I don't think Cinnabons belong on evening wear.

Ugh. Sarah Jessica - so many things are appalling about this. Pastel banana color, tubular shape, weird straps, and although you can't really tell from this picture - her hair was seriously two times the size of her head. New stylist for you Sarah. Stat.

Now on to the mediocre performers...

Zoe - top 1/2 good, bottom 1/2 not so good. Remember Lumiere's girlfriend in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast?" That little feather duster thing? Yeah, I bet you do now :)

I'm slightly embarrassed that the next few entries are all about 1/2 my age...but apparently young hollywood was out and about in a big way on Oscar night.

Because she normally looks like she hasn't showered in 3 weeks, and is in severe need of a hairbrush - this girl really deserves to live in my "best dressed" category - but in good faith I can't. Almost there Kristen. You desperately need a statement necklace - and a smile that doesn't look like you're an angry teen - and someone is forcing you to have a good time.

I am not into vampires, werwolves, or world wide phenomenon-inducing books, but I am into well dressed boys, that have met a good tailor.

I am also into stylish boys who can rock a slim-fitting pant. Bed head at the Oscars though? Not so much.

This SO could have been my favorite! The champagne color is great for spring, the style is very age and season appropriate, her hair and jewelry compliment the dress beautifully....but Miley, stand up straight! You've ruined the potential of this look - and have made me sound about 82 years old. Posture goes a long way people...

And now...my fAvOriTeS!!

Many people in the press were not loving this look. I highly disagree, and thought Meryl looked beautiful. The color was so crisp, her hair pulled up shows off the drape and neckline of the dress, and to top it all off...she looks like she's having fun! Hello - she's glowing!

Sandra. How can you not love her? First of all - she won! Second - "The Blind Side" is one of the most amazing movies I've seen in a long time, and third - she never really gets it right on the red carpet - so kudos to her for hitting a home run on probably one of the biggest nights of her life. So many things to love: the lace detail, the (again - I sense a trend here) beautiful champagne color, the cute little cap sleeve, her simple hairstyle, and most of all? That awesome POP of color with the hot pink lip!

Rachel was one of my favorites because she wore something different. Grey? Who knew grey could be cute as an evening gown? Probably because of the 1 million other colors swirled in there. Also - the fit is impeccable, and the styling is superb. I love the simple hair, pulled up to highlight her arms and collar bones, and the amazing statement earring. Brilliant.

Drumroll please.....my #1?

Vera! (from "Up in the Air with George - I didn't really know who she was either)

I know most of you are probably rolling your eyes right now - but again....my blog, my opinion. Talk about a statement gown! This is what the Oscars are all about. High fashion, beautiful Haute Couture design (Marchesa - for anyone who wondered), trends taken to the 10th degree (ruffles for days) plus, that color is mesmerizing! I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Love, love, love.

And for good measure - a picture of my future husband Bradley - who could not have looked more handsome :) Rene' who?

Farewell for now blog readers - but I vow not for long!


Debbie said...

Welcome back!

the kings said...

lindsay - your oscar recap is one of my favorite things to read....so glad you came out of retirement to give us your take on the red carpet! love you and hope all is well.
- kelly
fyi -i used your gap coupon you sent recently to hook the kiddos up with a few summer clothes/swimwear! thank you for sending it.:)

art lover said...

Lindsay! I re-discovered your blog after so long..

Loved Sandra's dress too!

Oh and I already claimed myself as Bradley Cooper's second wife.. =) hehe..