Show Us Where You Live....The Office!

I know I say this all the time, but my office is seriously one of my favorite spots in my entire house.  This is my most recent decorating adventure - since I had a blank canvas after Camille moved out....sad face.  Once again, I am super good at decorating around a theme, and my office is no exception.  Ready for a safari trip anyone??  Here is the view looking in from the hall - LoVe :) 

Pay no attention to the blank wall that is still in progress, but I got this trunk at Cost Plus World Market, because I fell in love with the rustic/well traveled look of it.  I use it as a "cedar chest" to hold lots of sentimental old stuff.  I've got the outfit I came home from the hospital in - all the way through my high school cheerleading uniforms. Memory lane in a box.  The miniature globes and decorative branches are courtesy of Crate and Barrel, and the silver globe is from Target.  Side note - I'm trying to get on board with the "Twilight" phenomenon.  My Mom lent me the books about 3 months ago, and there they still sit.  Looks like I'm not actually trying that hard...
These orange curtains were my Mom's idea one day while we were wandering through Ikea, and I think they turned out great.  Who knew orange could look so cool?  I just bought that lamp a few months ago, and it makes for a perfect little reading corner.  The chair also has some sentimental value - it was the first piece of furniture I bought for my condo.  I bought it (where else? the PB) the day after I closed on the house:)  Since I didn't really know anyone around here yet, I carried that beast up 3 flights of stairs by myself.  It sat in the corner of my bedroom, all by itself, for about a week before everything else was moved in.

These bookshelves hold some special stuff too!  The red vases were a Christmas gift from Valerie, and they are so versatile, I've used them everywhere!  The kitchen, my bedroom, outside on the patio, and the list goes on and on.  The sunburst mirror came from Target, and how cute are those wood carved elephants?  Matt and Amber gave me some pictures from their wedding as a Christmas gift last year, and I proudly display them on the bookshelf, so I can see them all the time - I miss them so much!  And the best Christmas gift of all???  The wireless printer from Mom and Dad - how did I ever live without this thing?  Uber-convenient.  

Here's the map project, as discussed in a previous post.  As I was taking this picture today, I realized I could put a new pin in Palm Springs for my trip there in April!  Wahoo!  One of my best purchases to date? The zebra chair from Walmart.  Cheap, comfy, and adorable all make for a winning combination.  

This apothecary jar holds different decorations year round, (candy corn at Halloween, candy heart is February, ornaments at Christmas, etc.) but during non-holiday months I use it to display postcards I've picked up from different vacation destinations.  Also, I've got to come clean about the calendar.  Just before I took this picture I changed it from displaying May 2nd.  I NEVER remember to change it - oh well, it still looks cute :)
My desk was an amazing deal from the PB - and I feel it necessary to share my PB shopping philosophy at this point.  Floor models.  Who the heck ever pays full price for stuff?  Because I am pretty familiar with the "cycles" that retailers go through (thanks Gap), I always hit up the PB end of season sales. There are always a million little decorative things to pick up, but I have scored some awesome deals on furniture too (remember the leather chair from a few paragraphs ago?).  They typically discount what has been on display until it is gone, usually just with a few scratches and dents.  The Lucas desk was my purchase last year, and i got $650 off.  It is the only way to go!  Stay tuned for furniture in my bedroom and on my patio that was also an incredible steal. Last but not least, the 3 suitcases in the corner to finish out the "traveling" theme.  The biggest one has replicas of luggage tags stuck all over it...another brilliant find from Cost Plus World Market.  

Thanks again for coming by every Friday for the tour!  


Jessica said...

great office!!!

Sandra said...
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and amenities said...

Love the curtains and zebra chair! Oh and the desk, too! Those are my favorite parts! (although the whole thing is very nicely put together . . .)