Show us where you live...Living Rooms!

I have become addicted to a blog called  This super cute girl that lives in Arkansas, who I don't even know, has captured my every attention.  She had her first baby girl a few months ago, and Harper had many severe health struggles at birth - and I think those are the stories that got me hooked to her blog and her life.  Total blog stalking, party of one.  At this point, I don't really even remember how I came across her blog....perhaps a recommendation from Google Reader? (a whole other fantastic site, check it out). Anywho, Kelly started blogging and asking for comments/posts every Friday called "Show us where you live" - such a cool idea so I thought I'd jump on board.  I'm totally behind a few weeks, so I might post more than on just Fridays to get caught up :)  All of you should join in too!

Well - the focal point of my living room, the mantle. I am super proud of this little photography project I took on.  It is all pictures I took of hot spots in Seattle - flowers at the market, the Space Needle, a Ferry Boat, etc.  The picture doesn't do it justice - but I love it, and it is definitely my favorite part of the living room.  The Kodak kiosk at Walmart and black frames from Ikea helped bring my vision to life :)

This is my entry way, as seen from the living room. Another favorite thing?  The keys above my front door.  And a side note - I got those big white vases on my TV stand from a retail store that was closing (they were used as decor in the store) for $10 - sweet!

I love my silk drapes from Ikea - the color rocks! The lamp over by the window is from the same "store closing" sale, and cost $10 also - gotta love a good deal :)  The big chair that you can sort of see here is where I spend most of my time - it is a little slice of heaven in my apartment.

I see a theme here - pointing out good deals!  My awesome zebra striped rug is from, and I love the flair it gives my space.  The giant clock on the wall is the first piece of decor I bought when I got my condo, from my favorite place on the planet, Target!

The view looking in from the kitchen....oh yeah!  I forgot to point out the garland wrapped around my curtain rod.  As you'll see once we begin to progress through my homestead, I have a thing for stars.  I seem to use them in EVERY room, and EVERYONE makes fun of my obsession.  Oh well, at least they look cute :)  The garland was purchased from Thai Pan Trading Company in Utah...woah, what an amazing place.  Note to self, must hit it up again next time I'm home.  

And for good measure, because I participate in "Design Remix" during December, what my living room looks like at Christmas.  I like to mix it up at that time of year, and put a little holiday flare on every surface imaginable.  

Thanks for coming over for a tour!


Debbie said...

Again, you MUST help me do some decorating next time you're here. I'd love to participate but don't like many things in my home right now.

You could always fall back on a job as a decorator and/or stager if necessary.

liane said...

lindsay, I love the photo them going on above your mantle.. very creative!