The Kick-off is tonight!

and no, I'm not talking about is award season people!  Every year from mid-January to late March (and for the random mid-September Emmys) you can find me glued to E! Entertainment television for the non-stop coverage of all the major award shows.  Okay - who am I kidding?  It isn't the shows themselves, it is the 37 hours of coverage before hand that gives me every detail I live for. Who's got the hair style I'm dying to copy, who has the prettiest eye make-up and how can I reproduce it, and of course, which designer sends my heart-a-flutter with the latest fashionable piece of art that is masquerading as a dress????  I love every minute. I am seriously to the point where I can almost guess the designer based on the look of the dress.  Crazy I know.  But, I'm not gonna lie - I'm kind of proud of that talent :)

Tonight was the Golden Globes, awards voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press, and it is kind of a fun one because there are awards for both television and movies - the only award show that honors two different entertainment mediums.  Here is my rundown of all the happenings.  The best and the worst, in no particular order...

1.  Brad and Angelina are totally starting to bug me. Every time you see them they look like they are annoyed to be at whatever event is happening, and I wish Angelina would try something new with the makeup - I'm over the cat eyeliner.  

2.  Drew Barrymore could your hair be any higher? Not cute.  Should have stopped teasing about an hour and a half before it looked like that. Yikes. Cute dress though :)

3.  Cameron Diaz's colorist must have been on vacation this week.  Enough said.  

4.  Eva Mendes always looks super great.  I think the thing I most envy is her skin tone, but tonight that necklace was a close second.  Turquoise and white - brilliant!!

5.  Why don't I watch "30 Rock"????  It wins like EVERY award, and Tina Fey is totally that nerdy girl that looks so average in real life, but looks amazing when she dresses up!  So inspiring - makes me think we all have a little glam in us :)  Plus, she is super funny - what a good combo!

6.  I don't really even know who Chris Pine is, other than by far the best dressed male of the evening.  I think he might be playing Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie this summer??  Normally you couldn't pay me enough to watch anything Trek - but if he's in, I'm in :)  Yummy.

7.  Hayden Panettiere always has the smokey eye down to perfection.  I don't understand how you get the black liner on the part of your eye above the lower lashes (like in between your lower lashes and your eyeball).  All the celebs do it perfectly, but she always rocks it the best.  Love it!

8.  And my absolute favorite....Kate Winslet!  She won twice tonight - for supporting actress in a movie, and lead actress in a movie.  Whoa!  She always looks so classic.  I think I have loved every single dress she has chosen, year after year, event after event....she is always a favorite.  Don't you think she just gets prettier as she gets older?  I feel like she looks a million times better now than she did back in the "Titanic" days.  Plus, how cute is it that she and Leo are like BFF?  "I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go."  He escorted her down the red carpet tonight, and they looked like they were having so much fun!      

So there you have it, the Golden Globes in a nut shell.  Anyone want to hire me as an entertainment reporter?  I don't mess around - I just cut to the chase and get to the important stuff.  Stay tuned - the SAG awards are next, followed closely by the Grammys.  Let the games, uh, I mean, awards season begin!  


Laurie said...

you're so funny. out of anyone I know you are the celeb professional -- you always know everything about them. Some awards show was on the other night and I even told Dustin, "I guarantee Lindsay Ward is watching this. She loves this stuff." So, enjoy the next little while . . .

Debbie said...

Now if you could just learn this much about football...How can you be my daughter and NOT like football????? But I do appreciate having my own personal shopper. :-)

Lindsay Marie said...

Ummm....who went to a football game this year? And who watches football regularly on Sundays with my friends from church?? That would be me! Doesn't like football? I'm not sure which daughter you're talking about - silly Mom.