I know it is January....but I am proud!

I heart decorating!  Putting up Christmas decor makes for one of the best days of the whole year.  I totally look forward to it from about October 15th on (probably because that is about when we begin to decorate at the Gap).  I think working in retail has wiped out my need for celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving.  Sad but true.  Here are some pix of my finished work, which is still up, and won't be coming down until I get home from Phoenix in a few weeks, as stated in a previous post.  Call me crazy - but I love it!

Snow-frosted branches and holly berries look fun, but I love that big red bow!  You'll also begin to notice here that I use fake snow anywhere I can.....

This is what you see when you walk in my front door.  Special shout out to Kelly King, who painted that little picture of a snowman for me when we lived together in Logan about a million years ago :)  I love it Kelly, and it goes up every year.  

Cranberry overload on the coffee table, plus I apparently have a thing for candles.  I count 7 in this picture alone, yikes!

The mantle!  This spot alone took me about an hour to decorate.  I kept putting things on, taking them off, putting them back on again, moving them to the left, up, down, and to the right....exhausting.  I think it turned out okay though :)

Cutest Reindeer dishes ever!  I like that I set the table as if someone is coming over....make that 3 someones.  I think my favorite things are the mini-presents posing as confetti sprinkled in between the plates :)  Oh - pay no attention to the crooked candle - ugh, just noticed that.

What did I tell you?  Every surface has to have some sort of holiday touch!

Even the bedroom gets a little something.  Those are mini glass ornament balls in the vases on the wall, and how cute is that little silver present on my dresser?

And, a cute picture of me and Mom for good measure :)  On our way to the Nutcracker ballet...

Merry Belated Christmas to you all, and only 9 more days until I see my family and get to celebrate mine!


Matt said...

Woo Hoo! Ward Family Christmas here I come!!

the kings said...

Lindsay - I'm so touched that I got a shout out on your blog. How very sweet of you to hang up the snowman every year. I LOVED your post about the award shows too - as usual you were dead on about everything. The only time I have watched any of those shows is when I lived with you, your commentary made it hillarious - it's not the same without it. Love you and your pink shoes! :)
- Kelly