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Well, if you watch the news you've probably heard that Seattle is experiencing full blown winter. Normally this is a welcome sight - especially 3 days before Christmas.  Who doesn't want a Winter Wonderland just in time for Santa?  However...here in the Northwest our D.O.T. owns about 7 plows. Absolutely nothing except the major freeways gets cleared, and I have become totally annoyed at the wack-os who think they are invincible driving on the city streets.  Most of these wack-os are headed to the mall at the last minute.  Yes you procrastinators with little vehicles, I'm complaining about you!  You can't get mad at me because 1/2 my employees didn't make it to work today.  Most of them ride the city buses, and if the buses aren't running, do you think you should be driving?  Not my fault you waited until 2 seconds before Christmas to even think about buying your loved ones a sweater from the Gap.  And yes, we are out of your size - you should have been here 3 weeks ago with everyone else.  I'm going to take a deep breath as I climb into my 4-wheel drive vehicle so that I have the patience to deal with you flying by me in your Geo Metro at double my speed with no tire chains - probably headed to another mall that is no doubt closing early so their employees can get home safely.  Butter luck tomorrow....that is if you're not stuck in a ditch somewhere.  


Liane said...

Good one Lindsay!

You've already vented out for me!


Have a Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

WE are supposed to be in Seattle right now. Our flight got canceled. Who knew it would be Seattle instead of Denver that caused our flight to get canceled?! Stay safe out there with all of the crazy drivers!

Sammi said...

Hahahahaha. I remember those days!