Lazy Bum, Lay in Sun, Night of Fun....Repeat:)

After our trip to Walmart Monday, we pretty much kicked it in the sun for the rest of the day, followed by a yummy home-made dinner and TV watching from the enormous king sized bed.   All we could find on TV in English were episodes of Friend's and Grey's Anatomy - perfect!  Could this vacation BE any better?  

Can I just say I love sleeping in on vacation.  It was awesome to get up around 10 everyday and make our way down to the pool for more relaxation :) Tuesday night, after 8 more hours in the sun (I'm beginning to sense a pattern here) we headed to Senor Frogs for dinner.  We had 2 really fun waiters, Giovanni and Hector.  Since it was a Tuesday night and the restaurant was dead, I think they were pretty excited to have 3 American girls to chat with. I use the term "waiters" loosely, because we pretty much had dinner for 5, and discussed everything from soccer, to napkin folding tricks, to the Mexican version of Red Bull, and what our opinions were on the newly elected president.  Yes, I watched Obama win over enchiladas and strawberry margaritas at Senor Frogs.  At least I can say it was memorable :) Towards the end of our night, Giovanni and Hector brought a birthday cake to the table for me and Sarah.  Look was an upside down Ding Dong, with a straw shoved in it, and a folded up paper towel on top that they lit on fire - I think that's the coolest Birthday cake I've ever had!
Here is a random close-up just to show you all that after 2 days in the sun, I wasn't the one that was fried!  I think I'm officially a grown-up.  Although I wanted a really good tan, I didn't want it to cost me a really bad burn.  Go SPF 45!  Oh, and a few more Sunset pictures for good measure...

Wednesday morning our 4th companion Kristin arrived.  She had a little less time off work than the rest of us, but it was great to have her come down for a portion of the trip.  While waiting for her taxi to arrive, we got a little snap happy, and got some great shots of our resort lobby.  Isn't it pretty?

8 more hours in the sun, and we were off to the Hard Rock Cafe.  Pay no attention to my legs in the first shot...don't I look a little more bronze in the second shot? Maybe its the dim lighting, but I don't care:) 

Side note...we were walking around downtown after eating and I found a Kinder Egg! Kinder is a brand of chocolate that we ate in Germany when I was little - and I had such a moment of nostalgia! These little eggs are milk chocolate on the outside, white chocolate inside, and there is a little toy in the center that you have to assemble when you're done. And I mean little. Mine ended up being a mini statue of Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty", and her shoes were about the size of the period at the end of this sentance. Perhaps we aren't too concerned with choking hazards in other countries?

Stay tuned for the most exciting part of the trip...coming soon!


tequila said...

I love this blog entry because it inspired some nostalgia of my own.

A: I love Mexico!
B: I love Kinder Eggs (they sell them in France)!

Looks like you had fun!

Laurie said...

I'm enjoying the trip memoirs. I'm being convinced every time you post about it to get out of the house, leave the kids, and go somewhere warm with Dustin. BTW, good idea going with the SPF45. I'm all about not getting burned the first day of vacation.

Camille said...

Hooray for having a good memory to remember Obama by. I was in Walmart, not as good of a story to tell.

I am glad you have discovered the joy of a "no schedule, no alarm clock" vacation.

It is truly the only way.

Heather Ling said...

I would very much like to go on vacation now!

And Kinder Eggs are AMAZING! I buy them every time we're up in Whistler! I share them with Mike's nieces and nephews... and then I steal the toys. :)