Not so subtle reminder -slash- boycott!

I am not creative today, nor will I be for the next few days.  I am having way too much fun reading the stories that you all are so graciously posting regarding my "memory" blog a few days ago.  So far, only 3 contributions, and I know I have more than 3 readers out there.  Pipe up people!  If you're reading this, I mean you!  Share a fun is giving me a nice blog break, plus I find myself giggling at all the ridiculousness :)  Thanks for sharing all these memories with my blogging community - you guys are all so special to me, and I appreciate your contributions!


Camille said...

Nag, nag, nag.

Okay, remember the first time we ever met and you were wearing your utah state sweatshirt and I told you that I didn't want to live at the apartment with the Britney Spears poster. Little did I know that you would be the one who would teach me to be a Britney fan....and then not invite me to go to her concert!

Remember that time in Seattle when I got in trouble for taking an extra shift at Sephora?

Remember when you were trying to be the supportive friend as I was apartment hunting in longview, and nearly lost it when you thought driving round and round the round-about would be funny?

Pickle claw, mechanic hands, and panicked phone calls to the many great memories.

Laurie said...

Lindsay, if it makes you feel any better. I won't even put this "game" on my blog because I'm so afraid of getting zero responses. My feeling is if you have time to read my blog, then you better make some time to leave a comment. You're great. Some of my funniest times were spent amongst you.