The most un-original post ever.  I am stealing this idea from numerous other blogs that I read.  Most recently Camille's.

1. By commenting on this entry, describe one memory that you and I have shared together. Readers, here is your chance to tell your fellow blog readers about all the embarrassing things you've witnessed.

2. If you have a blog, post these instructions, and I will in turn share a happy memory of my own on your page.

Readers who check out my posts but don't comment....this would be a great time for you to chime in!


Adrienne said...

Oooohhh....I wish I had something embarassing or juicy, but I don't.

One of my most favorite times with you and the Danbury 9 girls, was when we went to California....5 girls packed in a Toyota Camry, driving in SoCal with the sunroof open...aahh, so much fun!

Also, you were my first friend that is a Christian, and I loved being able to go to Bible Study at USU with you, and being able to ask you to pray for me when things were tough. You are one of the most faithful, dedicated, compassionate and loving friends I've ever had.

Oh, I remembered you remember the BEAVER!?!

Good times! Love ya Linds!

Laurie said...

hmmmm. . . I have so many memories of you I can't pick one. But as wierd as it may be the first thing I thought of when I just got on here was remember when a couple of us were trying so hard to get our backhandsprings for competition at the U? (Senior year, I'm pretty sure) and we pretty much just through ourselves into a backhandspring during competition and you scraped your nose or forehead and were then bleeding or at least seriously rug burned throughout the rest of the routine. Darn those gymnastics skills. That night was the first and last time I ever did a backhandspring again.

I also remember coming home from college like every day in Danbury and was so jealous that you were organized enough to sit and watch Friends. I'm still trying to be as organized as you. But it will never happen.

Okay, and this last one is for Sloth if she happens to read this (although Lindsay was in the same hotel/condo room at the time it happened; just sleeping.) Sloth, remember when I peed in the bed we were sharing on the Cali cheer trip? Sorry. You were even nice enough to venture out in 4 in the morning to hunt down new sheets. I owe ya.

Love ya Linds!

Debbie said...

Can I just say what a great daughter you are? It's so nice to have my very own personal shopper to keep me current without looking like I'm trying to be 16 (who would want to do that year again?!). And, to have someone who loves to wander the mall for hours even when we only spend $5.

You're the best movie/entertainment trivia person I know. I love watching movies and TV but never remember who played what in which movie--yet you always know. I'd for sure choose you for my Trivial Pursuit team for that category.

I love that we're close and can talk on the phone for hours. I enjoy that you want me to be a part of your life and that you share things that are important to you with me.

Best funny story--sniffing shampoo at Wal-Mart and accidentally squirting it up your nose. That sill makes me laugh when I think of it. :-)

Love you bunches!!!!!

Heather Ling said...

I don't really have any "memories" but I do love that I can talk to you about reality TV and all the fall shows coming back!

Can't wait to see you at work tomorrow so we can talk about the ridiculousness of Tyra and Top Model. :)

Anonymous said...

Most of my memories are from years ago- back at Fairfield, LHS, and USU- but they're great ones so I'll share several...

Getting in trouble for playing mall tag- who does that?

Bottomless sodas and fries at Red Robin

The New Years' Eve Party you threw at your parents house, I wore my super cool red Gap logo T :)

The "treasure hunt" Harvest Dance activity Erin A's cousin put together

The Sweetheart Dance where we went Laser Tagging. You took a very cute blond guy as your date. I ran into your date while playing laser tag and ended up with a black eye!

You making cheerleader after practicing so hard! You couldn't have been happier- I'm still so impressed by your dedication

Watching Will and Grace and Friends episodes in Snow Hall

Getting delicious donuts at Pike's Place Market. It had been years since I'd seen you and you were still the same ole' Lindsay- kind, incredibly put together, funny as always

Hope all is well!