I know, I know...

I am such a blog slacker. And literally have zero excuses. I'd love to say I've been off on some amazing adventure, but I haven't, so thanks to everyone who continues to tune in. I must say, it is way more entertaining to look at what everyone else is doing, than to compose an anecdote about my life. However, this amount of internet surfing can't be good for me. I am having major trouble falling asleep lately, (we're talking 2:55 is usually the last numbers I remember...ugh) and find myself online until the wee hours of the morning. I thought since I have no adventures to share on the blog, I would give you an outline for a self-guided tutorial through my favorite hot spots on the internet. These are the sights I find myself visiting nearly everyday...

1. People.com: I'm slightly embarrassed to say, this is my home-page. Although I don't know why I'm embarrassed - most everyone who knows me and reads the blog knows I'm celeb obsessed. I always look through the "Star Track" photos since they're updated daily. My favorite features are the "Fashion Faceoff"...(basically a "who wore it best" type feature) and the "Style Watch" where you can shop the styles that the celebs are wearing:)

2. Next I travel to Pottery Barn.com: Must I say more. My mecca. Sheer decorating heaven. I get so many great ideas from this site, and absolutely can not get enough of their stuff. The easiest way to emulate the PB style?? Decorate excessively with mirrors, candles, vases and frames.

3. Google.com/reader: The coolest site, shown to me by Camille who was my first friend to blog. You can register all the blogs you frequently visit on this site, and simply go here to see if anyone has done a new post. This is so much more efficient that visiting like 712 different blogs a day. The only downside?? It can not update you on private blogs. All you private posters make my internet time less efficient - ugh!

4. Perezhilton.com: This blog is updated like every 2 seconds with celeb photos and info. Now, the adds that are posted down the sides of the page can get a little out of hand, so just stick to the middle. He says all of the super-obvious stuff that we are all thinking. Hilarious:)

5. Craigslist.com: The first time I logged on to this site, I thought I had typed something in wrong. It looks so boring, plain, and unprofessional! Who knew something so basic could become such a hit?? I'm am a regular browser - you can find stuff you didn't even know you wanted! Plus, the few times I have sold something, my items were snatched up in like 24 hours! Highly recommended:)

6. Statcounter.com: My newest obsession, learned about from fun Amy. When you register your blog here, there are a million stats it can tell you about the visitors to your blog - where they're located, when they visit, how long, what brought them there, etc. What a great idea!! Although, I find myself getting a little obsessed with who these visitors are. Someone today logged on from Germany, I've got a regular visitor from Denver, and someone from Granite Falls Montana...who are you?

It is funny to me how our generation considers the internet a form of entertainment. I often find myself explaining what I visit online, and why, to my Mom - who says if she has any spare time the last thing she would do is get on the internet. It is literally one of the first things I do when I get up, and one of the last things I do before I go to bed. Weird.....and here it is 12:25. Goodnight.


tequila said...

Yeah, the blogging thing opens up all new doors, and it can get addictive, fast. Like crack cocaine.

Craigslist is totally entertaining. Good choice! Check out the personals -- it makes me feel better about myself every day.

Camille said...

I like the 'missed connections' section of craigslist. Go there for a good laugh.

Heather Ling said...

Four Four is pretty fun, too!
This guy does Top Model recaps and counts how many times people cry. (I think last season there were 70 crying scenes.) He's also the one that made the Dominique video with all her faces!
My favorite thing about FourFour is this guy's cat. He has this ugly long-haired flat-faced cat. But it's also kind of cute... in that ugly kind of way. :) Lots of ridiculous videos.

Anyway, have fun at your brother's wedding! I'll see you next week!