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What a great day!  As you all know, I live in the beautiful Northwest, and we don't see a lot of sunny days around here.  Camille always talks about having S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and I don't really get it....feelings of depression triggered by the weather??? Well, today I TOTALLY got it.  When it is your day off, and you are excited to get out of bed at 7:30 AM because the sunshine through your window is making you giddy, you know you have S.A.D.  I was so pumped to get up and get going!  Gotta savor every minute :)  First things first....a girl can not drive around town on a day like this with a dirty car.  Poor Liberty, she had been neglected and was in desperate need of a bath!  I found a detailing place online, and when I called to ask about what time to come in, the cute boy on the other end of the phone said, ""  Apparently Friday + Sunny = Busy. Also, they gave me a free loaner car to drive around - how cool is that?  Although it was a Toyota Scion with purple flames down the side, so I felt like I was on the road in a flashy toaster.  They did a great job, and I had to take a picture because it will probably last all of 48 hours.  Doesn't she look beautiful?
After the car was clean, I went to my friend Sarah's house and we laid by the pool for awhile. The temperature was on its way to 87, so we had to bust out the swimming suits! Then it was off to the Mariners' game!  Sarah, Medley, Dustin, James and I all met up at the Pyramid Ale House in Seattle for an early dinner.  We had yummy food and great conversation while watching our waiter sweat over the 1 million tables he had - this restaurant is literally across the street from the field.  Poor Kenny - we left him a good tip though :)  As we were walking across the street to the game, I was getting more nervous by the minute.  The Padres were in town, and Sarah is a crazy San Diego fan.  I was anticipating glares from everyone in our section, as I knew she would be cheering at the top of her lungs for the opposing team.  I have to give her props.  All in all she was a good sport, and didn't draw too much attention to us.  It probably helped that there were 5 or 6 Padre' fans a few rows in front of us too.  Safeco field is such a beautiful place.  It is right on the waterfront in downtown Seattle.  You can watch the sunset into the water, and the moon comes straight up over the field shortly thereafter.  One of the coolest things is the steady stream of airplanes taking off overhead from SeaTac airport :) Of course you can't go to a baseball game without getting something fun to eat!  I had a "shishkaberry"....chocolate covered strawberries on a stick - genius!  Oh, and a "red rope," insane amounts of licorice that made me feel like I was 8 again.  The weather was amazing, and I lasted until 10:30 without a jacket!  The Mariners' lost 6-4, but they played a good game.  Better luck next time!  Here's to such a fabulous day, and according to Mr. Weatherman, 2 more to come!!! Horray!


Camille said...

SAD is a very real, DSM-IV diagnosable disorder. Take vitamin D and Omega 3's. And go to the tanning bed. But watch out of you might get a blog lecture for admitting you tan to the world wide web.

Praise the heavens for sunshine and warmth in the PAC NW this weekend. I feel almost normal!

Your friends are so nice to let you stay at the game til it was over...