5 Things Friday: Color Edition!

5 color trends you should try and embrace for spring - according to moi....

1. Orange! Gwyneth isn't scared of this citrus hue, however, if you're not feeling as brave, take note of the muted blush-ier (is that a word?) options a la' Emma Stone and Hayden Panetierre.

2. Yellow! Nothing makes a personality seem sun-ier (let's just call it what it is - I'm making up words today) than a bold shade of yellow. Bonus points if you go for a dark berry-hued lip like Reese, and who wants to be crazy and try neon like SJP? How does she make that work without a killer tan? Yellow seems even more cheer-y under that crisp white blazer Malin sports here while hanging with Kristen Bell.

3. Purple! Who are we kidding - purple looks amazing year round, but I'm loving it a bit more these days when paired with awesome metallic accents: jewels, bags, embellishments...take your pick. Even a bit of sheen in a purple fabric can give a dress a regal feel, demonstrated here by Selena and Carrie.

4. Speaking of metallics - they can pretty much stand on their own as a "color" in my book. Carrie appears again in this color category, and both she and Jen agree that charcoal grey with lots of shimmer can make a girl stand out. (Ridiculously toned legs don't hurt either!)

5. Red! Last but certainly not least, everyone looks good in this attention-grabbing color. Whether at the beach or on the red carpet (you know - for all those red carpet moments us non-celeb types have), red will definitely get you noticed. 3rd times a charm for Carrie here - and Malin is back too. Sometimes it pays to be a repeat offender, especially on the Blah Blah Blog ;)


Ryan and Alicia said...

Love your blog, girl! I'm committing to color this summer. That orange is calling to me. Thanks for your expertise! Now, I just need you to move to Dallas and become my personal stylist.

Heather Ling said...

Hayden's dress: LOVE

I have a hard time finding just the right yellow. Love the color, but rarely am able to find the shade I reaaallllllyyy want.

Purple: Really getting into purple. It may take over my pinks collection soon. Also, purple always makes me think of you and Briann, because you were always purple crazed.

And let's talk about silver... I bought those silver Nine West pumps during holiday Give & Get thinking "Oh hey, maybe I'll get a bit of use out of them..." They've been worn WAY more than the black boots and blue pumps. They go with EVERYTHING! Everyone needs silver shoes.