Slew of Sunshine...whew!

I've been absent for a few weeks, so here comes a laundry list of things I'm loving/thankful for.

1. My brother! He is the best brother anyone could ask for, and I got to go visit him in sunny Scottsdale for a few days last week. I can honestly say he is one of my best friends, and we have such a good time when we're together. I love hanging out with Matt and Amber, and I miss them terribly! I don't know when I'll get to see them again, so it was awesome to squeeze in a couple days of vacation with them. (Random old photo, but it is one of my favorites...)

2. Sunny Scottsdale. Enough said.

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3. Peanut butter on a tortilla. Weird-o snack you say? No way. Yummy treat that I eat nearly everyday. Spread it, melt it in the microwave for 15 seconds, roll into a mini little burrito and enjoy! For an added little sweet touch, sprinkle a few chocolate chips on top too :)

4. My new Michael Kors watch. Free for me thanks to my rewards points at work. Yay for corporate sponsored recognition programs that contain really cool stuff!

5. I'm on a dress/skirt kick these days. Loving the weather a bit warmer so I can amp-up the girly factor. A few of my favorites, of course, courtesy of Gap brand...

6. I am Rapunzel. My hair is growing like nobody's business, and I think this may be the longest it has been since about age 7. I'm sure I'll get an itch to cut it all off into my standard a-line bob, but not any time soon. I think I'm too addicted to the ability to sport a ponytail.

7. I got the Liberty detailed yesteday - and she is happy and shiny! Please bless the Seattle weather cooperates, and it wasn't a waste of $$$. Check her out - 8 years old and still lookin' good! I LOVE a clean car, but I do NOT love cleaning it myself.

8. People Stylewatch. This magazine is so fantastic. Kind of like a little style Bible.

9. The GLEE soundtracks. I am really loving this show - but even more so, I'm loving belting out the tunes in my car while driving down the road. I like to imagine that I'm in Mr. Schuester's class with Rachel and Finn. My favorites are "Don't Stop Believing," "Somebody to Love," and "My Life Would Suck Without You."

10. I got to see my Mom and Dad last week too - an unexpected surprise! Flying home from Arizona there was a bit of trouble with my flight from Salt Lake to Seattle, so I spent the evening hanging out with the 'rents. It was great - we had dinner at Burger Stop, and made a trip to the Home Depot. Can't get much more normal than that, but the company is all that counts. (Another random old photo from Christmas time, but I think it's cute)

11. Design Star starts tonight! Whoot whoot!

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12. I finally made it to the Arboredum yesterday. Five years after moving here, and I'm still checking things off of my "to do" list. This is a 230 acre park right near the University of Washington, and yesterday in the sunny 74 degree temps I got to see some of the most beautiful flowers, views of the water, and meander on walking trails for miles. Love this city....and my newly acquired sunburn. That's right, I didn't get burned the whole time I was in Arizona, but 74 yesterday did me in. Nice.

Happy Monday to you all!