5 thingS Friday...

5 Things that begin with the letter "S"
(that also helped make this day SUPER!)

1. SLEEPING IN! When was the last time I did that? Who knows - but absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2. SUNNY SEATTLE! It was almost 60 degrees today, which inspired me to ride the bus into the city. I wanted to join all the other Pacific Northwestern-ers basking in the glory of that big yellow ball in the sky we haven't seen for 8 months. Only $2.50 for 45 minutes of riding in relaxation and listening to my iPod. Rocking out to Kelly Clarkson helped me pretend I didn't notice the weird-o smell....

3. SHOPPING! I found this super cute dress at Banana Republic - now I just need it to actually be warm so I can wear it! (note: I was in 2 layers and a hoodie while in the sun today)

4. SUGAR! My favorite thing in Pike's Place are the mini cinnamon-sugar donuts from the "Daily Dozen Doughnut Company." Carbs, drenched in grease, coated in sugar....what more could you want? Good thing I had to walk a bit to get there :)

5. SO close to STAGECOACH! 1 week from today I'll be in SUNNY Palm Springs, CA for the Stagecoach Country Music Festival. I could not be more exctied! 2 straight days of concerts, time to hang with Sarah, 90 degrees - which means lot's of Sunblock, because I am currently channeling Casper, and my absolute favorite...SUGARLAND!

Here's a fun little reminder of why they are so awesome. Gotta love that twang.