Travel times two!

Well, I don't feel very well, so today's post may not be that interesting.  I don't have it in me to be witty and amusing.  However, it is definitely time for an update for all you blog readers out there.  I've been traveling, to sunny destinations, which makes for a "must-post" for this Seattle-ite.

The Gap goes to California:  

I got to wear the amazing pink shoes referenced in the previous post at the semi-formal dinner during my Gap store manager conference.  All 1500 store managers from the U.S. got to travel to sunny San Diego for 3 days of meetings with all the higher-ups. Usually I get stuck with the crappy 6 am flight in, which makes me have to nap until we begin, but not this year!  I flew in at 9, and we didn't begin our welcome reception until 6 pm, so my darling friend Percy and I got to explore in our shorts and flip flops for several hours.  We ate lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant on their roof-top balcony - in January!!! During the welcome dinner we got to hear from Don and Dorris Fisher, founders of the Gap.  They are the cutest little old couple, in their 70s, and still such smart business people.  I totally teared up when they came out on stage, and had chills listening to them talk about their vision for our future.  Don't laugh, I'm not the only dork who needed a tissue:)  Wednesday was info from the CEO, Gap Brand President, EVP of stores, CFO, etc....always good to hear from them in real life rather than in electronic form. Wednesday night was pink shoe night, and I totally rocked them with an amazing little black dress and a smokey eye.  I love dressing up!  Too bad there are not more occasions in my life for such ensembles.  Thursday was a bunch of training, the summer fashion show, and 4 more hours of free time in the sun!  Where to go? Ummm, I totally went to the mall.  Hey - at least it was an outdoor mall:)  

Goodbye work, hello vacation:

Finally, Christmas had come!  Thursday evening I arrived in equally as sunny Phoenix to the smiling faces of my Dad and brother.  I missed my family so much, and was so excited to see them!  We stayed up until about 1 in the morning catching up and laughing at silly family stuff, and then poor Matt and Amber had to go to work on Friday.  At 6 am - yikes. Sorry guys.  Friday was last minute Christmas shopping, followed by Mom a.k.a. Santa Claus wrapping for a million hours while the rest of us played on the Wii.  I love the Wii!!!  Mario Kart was awesome, even though I was in the ditch for most of the game.  Lego Indiana Jones was crazy fun, and Santa brought Amber a Wii fit, so we played balance games and practiced yoga for like 4 hours straight. Christmas traditions were alive and well, when Friday we watched "A Christmas Story" and at snacks till we were sick.  Saturday morning was cinnamon rolls and presents opened one at a time.  That's right - one at a time style is how we roll in my family.  Even though it takes forever, it is always fun to see what each of us gets, and everyone's reactions when they're opening up their presents.  Santa was really good to me!  I got a wireless printer, gift cards galore, fabulous new shoes (since I'm running low), books, DVDs, jewelry, and so many other great things.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Sunday was church, and the day turned out to be sunny and 78 degrees, and that night I had to come home - ugh.  There was snow on the ground in Seattle when I landed.  Why did get on the plane again?  I want to go back right now.  And I miss my family again already....

Christmas in January was a big hit, and I think we've begun to plan for next year's festivities to be the same.  Who needs snow?  I'll take sun for Christmas please:)  Summer seems so far away - as confirmed by the groundhog today, but at least I got a little taste last week.  Probably enough to lift my spirits for at least a few hours....